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My Glowing Mighty Reds Review

Is the hype about Gundry MD's new super polyphenol/fiber/vitamin D gummy really true? I ate this candy every day for 30 days and this is what happened.

Mighty Reds is the latest supplement (if you can call candy a supplement) to come out of the Gundry MD lab. The product boasts a trifecta of polyphenols, fiber and Vitamin D3 packed into a tasty berry flavored gummy candy. Yes, it's candy with benefits. As it's a supplement, there aren't miracle claims on the bottle. So, I can't say this supplement does what it says it will do. Instead, I'll give you my honest opinion and tell you what it did for me.

After 30 days eating two (yes, you get two) of these potent gummies every day here's what happened. Read on for my review of this new Gundry MD product.

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Okay, for starters, no matter what this supplement does, IT'S A TREAT! I look forward to my gummies every day because it's the closest thing to candy I will ever get on my lectin free lifestyle. The chewy gummy texture and the sweet and tart berry flavor is really delicious. And, the best part is that you get to enjoy TWO JUICY GUMMIES. That's the recommended daily serving. Yeehaw!

You should know that, YES, I am a Gundry MD ambassador. But, I will tell you straight up if I think a supplement isn't worth the hype. I happened to find Mighty Reds 100% worth their weight in gold when it comes to supporting gut health, regularity, and overall good health. In a nutshell, I found Mighty Reds to have potent polyphenols, effective prebiotic fiber, and a noticeable boost of vitamin D3.

Now, for the nuts and bolts. If I were to describe what's in this gummy, I'd say it is like Vital Reds, an effective prebiotic fiber, and a healthy Vitamin D3 boost all swirled into one supplement. As most of us Gundry MD fans know, one of the best ways to get your polyphenols is to drink a glass of Vital Reds daily. Imagine adding fiber and vitamin D3 to that!

Polyphenols are super nutrients that can help calm inflammation stemming from problems with the gut.

What's more, Polyphenols also have a mighty power in that when you eat them with lectins, they attach and carry the lectins safely through your system and out. The polyphenols in this supplement come from superfoods like elderberry, maqui berry, blueberry, blackberry, cranberry, ginger, pomegranate, raspberry, turmeric and beets. I know it's hard, and expensive, to stock all these amazing foods and eat them every day. So if you can get them in a supplement, GREAT!

I find when I take Gundry MD's polyphenol-rich supplements like Mighty Reds daily, I get what I've coined as that GUNDRY GLOW. It's a bit of an intangible benefit, but you know it when you see it. The glow starts within and works its way outward. When I have it, I have more spring in my steps, for radiant skin, and brighter eyes. People often tell me I'm glowing. That's the Gundry Glow, folks. And you can have it too.

Prebiotic fiber feeds our good gut buddies.

Another very notable benefit from eating these daily gummies is the gut health support from potent prebiotic fiber. Prebiotic fiber in this supplement comes from acacia inulin. Prebiotic fiber is special because it fuels the good gut bacteria in our guts. Not only does it help create the substances needed to acidify the gut, but these substances also provide nutrients for our colon cells.

So many of the foods in the mainstream chain are cheap sugars and carbohydrates that do nothing more than spike our blood sugar and feed the wrong gut bacteria. The more support we provide to our good gut microflora the better equipped we are to fight off those bloaty bad guys.

With prebiotic fiber also comes regularity. I go like clockwork when I eat two gummies daily. There's just enough inulin in there to keep me regular, without gas.

Vitamin D3 is nature's anti-viral treatment.

Finally, vitamin D3 from Mighty Reds is going to supply you with 1600 IU, or 200% of your daily dose. That said, we all know we need way more than that. According to Dr Gundry, almost everyone who comes to his medical practice with gut issues has vitamin D deficiency. That kind of says it all about the importance of vitamin D, doesn't it?

When I first realized I needed more vitamin D3 for my psoriatic disease, it was recommended to me by a disease specialist who actually knows about nutrition. She suggested a whopping 40,000 IU, which sounds like a lot. But considering Dr Gundry take in excess of 100,000 when he feels the slightest cold coming on, 40,000 is a drop in the bucket. I took my doctor's advice, and once I had enough vitamin D3 in my system, I immediately began to see a notable "calm" where my psoriatic nails had been flaring up.

So, consider the amount of D3 in this daily two-gummy serving a good maintenance plan. Likely, you're taking more then the U.S. IU already if you're a Gundry follower. Perhaps take your usual D3 in the morning, and enjoy your gummies as an afternoon treat to boost the D3 you already have working for you.

Happy tongues say, "Mighty Reds are delicious."

The Mighty Reds flavor profile less like candy and more like natural dried fruit. When I eat them, I taste dried strawberries and raisins. The nice gummy texture means you can chew them a while and savor the sweet and sour flavor longer in your mouth.

Try Mighty Reds berry gummies for yourself.

If you'd like to give these delicious new gummies a whirl, use my link for a nice discount. You can save more if you buy multiples. Here's the link:

Try Gundry MD Mighty Reds and let me know what you think! I love seeing that Gundry glow on my friends. Enjoy!

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