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Energy Renew Pros & Cons: Gundry MD Product Review by Lectin Free Gourmet

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Read what Kristine thinks after using this supplement for one month. What does the science say about the ingredients when it comes to heart, energy and vitality?

Energy Renew is a Gundry MD dietary supplement that is marketed as a drink mix with not only delicious passion fruit flavor but health benefits. On the front label are two bullets: 1) promotes youthful heart, energy, and vitality, and 2) supports metabolism and weight loss. In this review, I will put these statements to the test, plus I'll let you in on what's in my passion fruit smoothie I'm now drinking every morning.

Energy Renew is one of Gundry MD's most popular supplements. But, for some reason, it was last on my list of supplements to try. Maybe it's because when it comes to energy, I already have plenty of it. Though, I was slow to the Energy Renew party, I'll be celebrating this supplement for a long time as it's now one of my favorites.

What's in it? Energy Renew is a polyphenol-rich blend of beet root extract, hibiscus flower extract, and all the beta berries like acai, acerola, amla, jabuticaba, cranberry, goji, mangosteen, maqui berry, pomegranate, strawberry, and schisandra berry. Before going lectin free and using a few of the Gundry MD supplements, I wasn't a consumer at all of health drink mixes. I did use protein shakes, but not drink mixes like Vital Reds or this Energy Renew. So when I started using this product, I wasn't sure what to even expect. All I really had to go on were the statements on the package. So I put them to the test.

Before I did, I read up on what's in this supplement. Three powerhouse berries are the key to this supplement's effectiveness: mangosteen, schisandra, and acerola. Studies show schisandra helps improve physical stamina and mental clarity. Mangosteen fights weight gain and activates the youth enzyme that controls aging. And acerola, a powerful source of vitamin C, helps with mental energy and prevents weight gain, even if you've overeaten. These three berries together have the trifecta of phyto nutrients: anthocyanins, cartoneoids and flavonoids that allow this supplement to keep its promises.

So let's dissect these one by one. "Youthful heart" is the one that struck me first. I thought, how on earth am I going to test that? But let me assure you, I tried. I live in a Salt Lake City neighborhood that's perched up above the downtown area. It's hilly! And sometimes when I walk up steep hills, I say, "Oh, my heart!"

Part of my daily routine is a 30 minute morning walk up hill. To test this product, I added it to my morning routine. Before my walk every morning, I mixed up a scoop of Energy Renew in 10 ounces of hot or cold water (depending on the weather), drank it up, and headed up the hill. After 30 days, I can't say whether my heart is more youthful, but I can tell you it gets easier and easier to walk up those hills.

The second item on the label is "energy" and is in the product name. All I can say about this is that YES, this product provides me enough sustained energy to walk up those hills, and maintain a spring in my step for the full 30 minutes. I don't ever feel tired. In fact, after my morning walks, I feel like my energy is renewed for the day. Not sure if that's the drink, or just getting the lead out by humping up hills.

I do know one thing for sure. This supplement contains potent amounts of two proven nutrients for energy, and they're listed on the back. One is 5,000 mg of D-Ribose, a critically important sugar molecule that's actually part of our DNA. D-Ribose can improve energy and workout performance, so it's a great thing to add before a walk up a steep hill, or a gym workout. The other is N-Acetyl L-Carnitine. This nutrient is proven to help the body produce energy. It is also vital for heart and brain function, muscle movement and other bodily processes.

Here's something else the science says about energy. We lose energy because of rust in our bodies. Just like metal objects that rust, oxidation causes rust inside our bodies. But we can slow that process by incorporating certain phyto nutrients into our diets, like the polyphenol blend in Energy Renew. Think of the Tin Man. And think of Energy Renew as the oil that keeps us from seizing up with rust.

The third part Of the first promise is "vitality”. Vitality is defined as the state of being strong and active. Literally, when you have vitality, you have energy. So, I'm doubling down on the fact that I am able to finish strong on my morning walks, and not peter out or have to drag myself home. Remember, I'm taking this supplement before my walks, and I don't eat or drink anything else before I go. I reward myself with coffee after I've completed my walk.

Now, let's talk about the second bullet on the label, which has to do with metabolism and weight loss. So, before we talk about this there's something you should know about me. I've NEVER had a problem with my weight. God gifted me with skinny genes. Thank you, God! That said, I can still tell if a supplement has the potential to assist in increasing metabolism and weight loss. Actually, I've noticed several items in the Gundry MD line do this for me. Power Blues, MCT Wellness, and now Energy Renew all seem to have a similar effect on metabolism. I already took Power Blues daily. And now that I've added Energy Renew to my daily routine, I do notice I tend to be on the skinny side. So, I've increased my daily caloric intake just to maintain my weight. So I can imagine taking the two supplements together could easily have a metabolism-boosting effect on the average person.

If you already take Energy Renew, or you’d like to try it, here’s a great way to enjoy it in a delicious smoothie. I've started making these smoothies (like the one pictured above) in the morning. The nut milks and green banana give me A few more calories to burn on my walks. Here's the recipe:

LFG Energy Renew Smoothie

1 Scoop Gundry MD Energy Renew

1/2 Frozen Green Banana

1/4 Cup Ice

4 oz Coconut Milk

4 oz Almond Milk

Throw it all in a blender and blend until smooth. Sounds delicious right? That's because this supplement tastes tropical passion fruity. It would suck if after all is said and done, a supplement that did everything it said it would do didn't taste good, right? But this one tastes really good. It isn't overly sweet and have a nice tart passion fruit flavor that lends itself well to smoothies.

One more little tidbit about Gundry MD Energy Renew that maybe you haven’t heard before, but I hinted to earlier. This supplement is designed to work in synergy with other Gundry MD supplements. So, if you already use Vital Reds and Primal Plants, Energy Renew is a good one to add to the routine. And like I said, I take it alongside Power Blues. They all work together to sustain energy all day. I take Energy Renew in the morning first thing, Power Blues after my coffee, Primal Plants after work (before dinner), and Vital Reds just before bed. All those B vitamins in the Reds help me wind down and sleep soundly.

I do hope you try Energy Renew. I think you'll like it. If you want to give it a go, use my Ambassador discount to save 25 - 35%. Save more when you buy Energy Renew in bundles of three or more. No code needed, just use my link:

Get the benefits of good taste and potent ingredients of Renewed Energy. ENJOY!

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First you said you didn't take anything prior to your walk. At the end, you said you take this shake prior to your walk? Which is it?


Hello, perhaps another read will clear it up. I take this supplement and nothing ELSE (additional) before my walk. Hope you try this amazing supplement.

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