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How Bio Complete 3 Became My "Number 2" Gundry MD Supplement

Updated: May 13, 2023

I took this potent probiotic/prebiotic/postbiotic Gundry MD supplement for 30 days and got surprising results and even lost my belly fat. Read my review.

Bio Complete 3 is a Gundry MD supplement formulated as an all-in-one prebiotic, probiotic, and postbiotic to support optimum gut health. I committed to taking this supplement for 30 days to see what would happen, if anything. It was the best of times and it was the worst of times. Read on to hear why I call this my "number 2" supplement.

Before we go on, I must issue a warning. I'm going to talk about poop. There's just no way around it. Poop is the best indicator that Bio Complete 3 is working. And if you've ever heard Dr. Gundry describe the perfect poop, well, taking Bio Complete 3 is one way to achieve the ultimate "anaconda" coil. Let's just say this supplement is a real snake charmer. Read on for my review of this potent gut health supplement and to see my daily poop journal. YES, I actually kept a poop journal.

If you'd like to give Bio Complete 3 a try, use my ambassador discount for best pricing.

Do you do this too? You look at your poop and see it as a direct indicator of what's going on in your gut. Many people who start the lectin free lifestyle note the struggle and adjustments in their bowel movements. Some say they notice a delay in movements. Others say their poops are too soft, or too hard. This is all normal as you change your gut microbiome by feeding the good bacteria instead of the bad. Healing the gut with lectin free foods is a process. If you are looking for the perfect poop, Bio Complete 3 can help get you there. And, trust me, it will get worse before it gets better.

What makes Bio Complete 3 effective? According to Dr. Gundry, about 70% of your immune system lives in your gut. Naturally, that means we must feed our guts the right foods for optimum health. Did you know there's a war of good vs evil going on in your gut? Most people support the wrong side -- the bad gut guys -- with simple carbs and sugars. If we really want to end this war, we have to support the good guys.

The way Bio Complete 3 works is to support the good gut buddies with three powerful foods: 1) prebiotics, 2) probiotics, and 3) postbiotics. Together, this "biotics" trifecta works to help the good gut bacteria take over for a perfectly peaceful gut microbiome.

When good gut buddies prevail in the gut, you begin to experience all sorts of health benefits.

Quickly, here are the benefits I experienced after taking this supplement:

  • Bowel-movement regularity

  • "Anaconda" poops

  • Clean (one-wipe) breaks

  • Flat belly

  • Never hungry

  • Better sleep

  • All-day energy

  • Weight loss

One bottle of Bio Complete 3 has 120 capsules. The daily dose is 4 capsules. Here is my 30-day journal I call my "Poop Journal". But it's so much more because I noted my energy levels, when I noticed my flat belly, better sleep, bonus poops and even how I customized my dose based on how my movements looked.

Read my journal:

Day 1 -

Yesterday, I received my bottle of Bio Complete 3 and noticed that the recommended daily dose is four capsules. So, I just took what seemed like a fistful of pills with a glass of water at 7 am. Fast forward to 7 pm, and I really feel like I have to go. But nothing is coming out.

Day 2-

It's the next morning, and I'm taking four more capsules with water. It's now evening and I did NOT have a bowel movement today. I feel pressure down there, like I have to go. I can tell something is definitely happening in my digestive system. Normally, I go every morning. So, this is different for me. I'm keeping the faith, and marching forward with Bio Complete 3. I have to remember this is a very potent blend of pre-, pro-, and post-biotics designed to reset my digestive system to its highest efficiency. This is only day 2, and I'm in this for the long haul. Maybe there's a bit of an adjustment period where things may seem worse before they get better.

Day 3 -

It's the next morning and I'm taking four more capsules with water. Still no movement this morning. And, now it's evening and nothing. But really feeling like I might soon.

Day 4 -

Just took my fourth dose of the supplement, and I'm starting to worry about what might be brewing inside of me. But I'm sticking with it. Due to the law of biology, I know eventually things that go in will have to come out.

Day 5 -

Today is the day! After taking my fifth dose of Bio Complete 3, I finally pooped this morning. But I have to say, it was not my usual. This was like a large, hard briquette. I can finally relate to the term, "rip me a new one." Ouch!

Day 6 -

I took a sixth dose, and pooped again. Still, not ideal as it was hard and rather large and painful to pass. I am beginning to wonder if maybe four capsules is too much for me.

Day 7 -

Something is telling me to cut the dose in half. So, I'm taking two capsules today. This morning, I made another hard, large briquette.

Day 8 -

Again, I took only two capsules on day 8. Seems I am back on track and regular again. This morning it was a perfect specimen, just as Dr. Gundry describes in his books and podcasts. Poop should be like an anaconda.

Day 9 -

Like clockwork, I went after taking two capsules. I'm thinking two is my magic number.

Day 10 -

Nothing new to report, and my poop is perfect.

Day 11 -

Not only is my poop perfect, but my belly is flat. I haven't discussed this much with my followers, but I had developed a small pooch. I had a melanoma cut out on my abdomen. It was a 5-inch wide, excision down to the rib bone. My doctor said to lay off the core exercises for a while until I heal. After six months of no core workouts, it showed. But without adding any new exercise, and just taking Bio Complete 3, that little bit of belly fat just fell off. I know now it was gut related.

Day 12 -

Enjoying having a flat belly again. Also, noticing a lot of energy. I typically have an abundance already, but now I have even more. I'm taking an extra walk every day. Still regular and going every morning like clockwork.

Day 13 -

Just for fun, I'm taking three capsules today. I'll know tomorrow if this is a good idea.

Day 14 -

NOPE! Just passed another briquette. So, that confirms 2 capsules is better than 4 for me. That's good news because the supplements will last two months for me instead of one. I'm going to stick with two from now on.

Day 15 -

Now on the two capsule regimen and back to normal. Perfect poops!

Day 16 -

I slept really well last night. I hit the pillow and didn't wake up until my alarm went off this morning. I do get this same result when I take Vital Reds every night. But now it seems like even more sound sleep. And I feel really refreshed. Like I don't even need coffee. I think just the total gut balance from Bio Complete 3 is making my mitochondria work better, too.

Day 17 -

I am really loving this supplement. I just noticed I haven't bought toilet paper since I started using BC3. I literally just need a couple squares just to check. And it always is clean. These are what I call "clean break" poops on the daily.

Day 18 -

All good! The importance of being regular is so underrated. I recall my mom, always needing to know where the closest bathroom is because she never knows when she'll have to go number two.

Day 19 -

Today I experienced something new! Not only did I go this morning, but I went again just before bed. Bonus poop! Let's see if the trend continues.

Day 20 -

YEP! Now I'm going once in the morning and once at night. My new digestive system is a well-oiled machine. And this is only Day 20!

Day 21 -

Bonus poops are my new secret to maintaining a flat belly, I've decided. And two BC3 capsules is just right for me to maintain this kind of regularity.

Day 22 -

The energy level is through the roof! After a full day on my feet at the Lectin Free Gourmet kitchen (usually 8am - 5 pm), I got home and took the dogs for a steep one-hour hike up the shoreline trail. I'm never tired anymore. Still two perfect poops daily!

Day 23 -

One more thing I've noticed is that I'm able to prolong my fasting hours. Normally, my eating window is about 5 hours long beginning with canned fish as a snack at about 3 pm and ending with an LFG dessert at 8 pm. But lately, I'll have a cup of my collagen/MCT instant vanilla latte in the morning, and then I'm not hungry until 5 pm when I get home from the kitchen. And I quit eating at 7 pm. Now my eating window is only two hours! Is that even a good thing? I like that I'm not so focused on eating for five hours a day. I don't even think about eating until 5. Just never crosses my mind.

Day 24 -

I'm liking my new streamlined eating schedule. In just a two-hour eating window, I can consume a nice big lectin free meal. I'll usually enjoy an appetizer, a salad, an entree, and a lectin free dessert like my cookies or brownies.

Day 25 -

Uh oh! I'm losing too much weight. So, for me, I probably need to up my calories. But I can see how a lot of people would enjoy this quick weight loss plan. When your digestion is running smoothly, calorie burning is definitely much more efficient. I don't count calories at all. And on this lectin free thing, I don't feel like I have to.

Day 26 -

Still taking two capsules of Bio Complete 3 daily. Still perfect poops! And I've upped my food portions. For instance, I'll make one of my mushroom carbonara pasta kits and eat half of it, instead of one-fourth. Still eating dessert every night.

Day 27 -

This morning I'm thinking I'll go for a walk before I have my coffee. I have that much energy. But first, I go the bathroom. PERFECT! After my walk, I'm having my latte and two BC3 capsules. After work, I ate a huge dinner with dessert, walked the dogs, and did some squats. Since I have all this extra energy, I'm starting the 30 day squat challenge. Start with 50 squats, then increase by 5 each day until you reach 200. Do them all in a row if you can. The burn means MUSCLES!

Day 28 -

Two perfect anacondas today! Yippee!

Day 29 -

One more new thing to note here is that I used to have wild cravings for junk food. Even though I'm committed to the lectin free lifestyle, I would occasionally cheat rather than deprive myself of certain foods I love. Lately, though, I'm not craving anything bad. In fact, I'm craving good things like loaded sweet potatoes, and my cassava tortillas taco night, and a big plate of sorghum pasta. I wonder if it's because my good gut buddies are now in charge and telling me what they want. The good guys are so powerful that the bad gut buddies don't have a say anymore. Maybe?

Day 30 -

Okay, it's the last day of this BC3 trial for me. And I feel amazing. I can set my clock to my bowel movements and I barely use toilet paper. Generally, my skin and hair are super healthy, and I feel refreshed after a good night's sleep. I have all-day energy enough for a morning and evening walk, and vigorous work between. I can literally eat whatever I want in my two hour window and still lose weight. And I don't even want junk food.

To conclude, I have to say, Bio Complete 3 is a great product. I recommend committing to taking 30 straight days on the supplement before deciding for yourself. If you can get passed the first week of weird adjustments, the rest is easy. And if 4 capsules per day gives you briquettes like me, then cut the dose until you find your perfect number.

To try Bio Complete 3 use my ambassador link for a great discount.

Thanks for reading my review.

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Patricia Concannon
Patricia Concannon
Dec 29, 2023

You only eat two hours In a day? The rest is fasting?

Replying to

Yes, but may not work for everyone. Some people like a longer grazing period. My lifestyle is such that this works for me. Let me know what works for you if you try intermittent fasting.


Chandler Hagen
Chandler Hagen
Jul 15, 2023

Thanks for a thorough review! I was looking for more information about BC3 but I’ll definitely be back to try some of these delicious recipes. This is a wonderful site, great job!

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