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I'm a writer and food snob. As a former caterer and restaurant manager, I've had my share of kitchen experience. Knowing the basics is the key to making this lectin-free diet work for foodies like us. And, even if you don't know the foundations of gourmet food, I walk you through them here on my blog pages.


Any (and I mean any) recipe can convert to lectin-free. Yes, even noodles! It's all about the right substitutions. With my lectin-free gourmet recipes, you'll be eating not just pasture-raised meats and leafy greens, but desserts and pasta. too!  Yes, you can have your cake, and eat it too!

In 2009, one-by-one, my fingernails began pitting and the cuticles disintegrating. The skin around my nails receded and became flaky and red. After many misdiagnoses, my botox doc (who is a former internist) "nailed it." It was nail psoriasis. A rare autoimmune disorder when it presents itself alone, and one without much effective treatment. I was told I'd just have to live with pitted nails and no cuticles. 

That's when I began exploring causes and came across Dr. Gundry's autoimmune research and "Plant Paradox" diet. Like you, I got pretty sick of grassfed burgers, cauliflower and spinach all the time. So I started creating gourmet recipes even a food critic would love. After just one month on the Plant Paradox diet, my nail condition is noticeably better. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see if I can grow cuticles again. Fingers crossed!


At some point you have to ask yourself, "Am I willing to spend a little more time in the kitchen or would I rather be sick?" For me the answer was obvious. And with food this good, frankly, I don't miss any of my old lectin bombs, and life is YUM! 



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