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My Story


My name is Kristine Anderson Wylie. and I am the Lectin Free Gourmet. As a recipe blogger, ecookbook author, inventor of LFG sourdough, and creator of the world's first (and only) lectin free food box, I hope to make your lectin free life easier and more delicious with gut-healing food. 


In July 2018, I came to the lectin free lifestyle for my autoimmune condition. I stayed for the food. After reading Dr. Steven R. Gundry's books and papers, I decided to try eating fewer lectins. Using my catering skills and a little imagination I realized I could make ALL my favorite gourmet foods with ingredients from Dr. G's YES list. When I started posting food photos and recipes on social media, the response was overwhelming.


One thing led to another, and here I am -- the creator of packaged lectin free foods including my ready-to-eat grain free granola, millet pasta kits, and mixes to make pancakes, mug cakes, cookies, desserts, and drinks -- all sugar and lectin free and delivered to your door.


We all know being lectin free is much more than a diet. But when you strip it down, your diet is what you eat. So, the key to sticking with this thing is good tasting food. It's what separates the lectin free eaters from the lectin free cheaters.


I knew my food was special when people responded so favorably to my first photos on social media. Today, followers in 14 countries rely on my recipes, and I'm delivering lectin free packaged goodies and LFG Foodie Boxes to people's doorsteps in all 50 states.


As for my autoimmune disease? It's at bay. I have a rare, and pesky, condition called psoriatic nail. Imagine pitted fingernails, scaly, inflamed receding skin, no cuticles, and weak nails that cannot grow.  I'm lucky, though, because most people with nail psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis.


One week into the lectin free lifestyle, the inflammation was gone. After nine months, my cuticles grew back. And now my nails look normal and healthy.


If you're considering a lectin free lifestyle, don't take too long deciding. It's worth it. Healing your gut gives you a fighting chance at being healthy. And I hope I can help you stick with it with good food.   

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