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How to Eat Lectin Free on a Budget

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Lectin-free eating doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. Learn how to save money on food low in lectins.

How to find lectin free ingredients

Did you know that eating fresh, unprocessed food and produce is one of the cheapest ways to eat? Believe it or not, all the processing that goes into mainstream foods is what costs so much.

Beet Yourself Over the Head with One-ingredient Foods

Beets, for example, are dirt cheap and really low in lectins. Learn how buying one-ingredient foods costs less.

INSIDER TIP: Go to the grocery store with no list! Buy one-ingredient, lectin-friendly food that's on sale. Look for produce like sweet potatoes, jicama, leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, onions, berries, green bananas and in-season fruits. Visit the cheese section and seek out grass-fed and European markdowns, graze the meat counter for grass-fed beef and bison priced to sell, and wild-caught seafood on sale. Check out the "healthy" food aisle for closeouts on things like lectin-free flours and frozen treats made with coconut milk. Often people don't buy them and the grocery store has to "give" them away.

I've Got a Parsnip and I Know How to Use It

You’ll get your hodgepodge of single-ingredient, bargain groceries home and wonder how on earth you're going to put all these crazy things together. Search my recipes for your hero ingredient for ideas, or shoot me an email with your list of items and let me create a delicious lectin-free recipe for you. Seriously, no ingredient is too challenging for this #LectinFreeGourmet.

Actually, some things in life are FREE!

I got free broccoli sprouts from my grocery store!

You'd be surprised what your grocer is willing to give you. Ask for free samples or "about to expire" foods that they are throwing away. I got free broccoli sprouts last week. They were packaged in a plastic recyclable container marked "free sample" by the company aiming to promote them to consumers. It was an ample sample, enough for three garnishes. I used them to top my barbeque buffalo mozzarella burgers for some added color and nutrients. I buy sprouts and micro greens whenever I can find them. But, I swear the free ones taste better!

Thrive Market Online

One of my favorite, most convenient sources for hard-to-find sweeteners, flours, oils, and sauces is Thrive Market. This online, membership store offers everything at a discount. If you're interested, you can save 25% on your first order with this link. I love their house "Thrive" brand for many basics like cassava flour, Greek olive oil, coconut aminos, and other goodies. I find the house brand is usually as good or better than brand name products, and they're usually a lot cheaper.

Amazon Prime

You can find literally everything on Amazon. And often in my blog pages I provide links to products I like at great prices, especially if you get free shipping with Amazon Prime. I do recommend paying the annual membership for Prime as you get a lot for the price. Free movies, and free shipping are two I enjoy regularly.

Check back here often for a discount code to use on Plant Paradox compliant products from Amazon. Here's 15% off 4th & Heart Ghee through October 31, 2019. I love their garlic flavor and the vanilla one is fantastic in mug cakes. Be sure to use promo code 15HEART at checkout and click this link to see all the 4th & Heart Ghee flavors Amazon.

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