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Bread Machine LFG Sourdough

Use LFG sourdough mixes in the bread machine for excellent results with no fuss. Watch the video to see how it's done.

Bread on the lectin free lifestyle can be tricky. But when I began offering my Lectin Free Gourmet sourdough mixes two years ago, some lectin free foodies turned a huge corner. The mixes are easy and the bread is great. But, did you know these mixes also work well in your bread machine? It's true! This blog has everything you need to know to make the mixes in the bread machine. I've even made a video to show you just how easy it is. I've included links to the bread mixes and the bread machine I use. Read for more details.

The easiest way to explain how to make my sourdough mixes in the bread machine is to show you.

Watch my tutorial on YouTube:

This method works for the sweet sorghum and the pumpernickel mixes. The focaccia mix also works in the bread machine too, but I still recommend the conventional skillet method. Focaccia bread is traditionally flatter and has dimples. And, if you make it in the bread machine, it's loftier and more like white bread.

To order the mix, visit my store page. Below are links to the pumpernickel and sweet sorghum mixes:

If you don't have a bread machine, here's a Hamilton Beach unit that I've been using. It's affordable and has a gluten free setting. Hamilton Beach Bread Machine

Here's how to use the bread machine and LFG sourdough mix:

  1. Mix stretch cultures with 2 cups warm water. You can either do this directly in the bread machine or in a separate bowl. Let the cultures rest for 10 minutes. If you've chosen to let the bread machine blade mix your cultures in the machine for you, you can stop the machine or unplug it while you wait. Check underneath the machine to make sure none of the water escaped through the blade hole. If you lost any water, just replace it when you add the mix.

  2. Dump the sourdough mix into the bread machine. If you've mixed the cultures in the bread machine, simply dump the mix on top of the cultures liquid. If you mixed the cultures in a separate bowl, pour them in after you dump in the mix.

  3. Select the gluten free setting for a 2 lb loaf. If you don't have a gluten free setting, just use the basic or express setting for 2 lb loaf. Set the crust to dark. I like dark crust, but medium works too. It seems the longer you bake, the better it turns out.

  4. Press start and the bread machine will do the rest.

That's it! It takes a little over 3 hours from start to finish. Once your bread is done, simply lift out the vessel and turn the bread out onto a cooling rack. Hopefully the blade will remain attached to the vessel. But sometimes it comes out in the bread. You can simply poke through the hole with a knife or finger and pull out the blade.

I hope you try it! ENJOY!

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Wendy Fritz
Wendy Fritz
24. Feb.

I love the idea of this but need some pointers on how to help it not come out a bit gummy or not quite done inside. I do put it on darkest option with gluten-free option as well. I would love to hear how to problem solve as the bread itself when mounting the toaster is wonderful!

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Antwort an

I had the same outcome:/

Gefällt mir
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