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My Migraine Protocol

Could a new "feel good" energy shot with saffron extract nootropics be the end-all for migraine sufferers? Let's explore the possibility.

Migraines are no joke. If you get them, you know. They can be very debilitating not to mention excruciatingly painful. So, when I recently experienced a possible treatment, I felt obligated to share it with my followers. The following is a personal account of my unusual migraine remedy that actually worked for me. At the end of this blog is a link and discount code if you'd like to try it for yourself.

Many of you know, I follow the Plant Paradox plan for my psoriatic condition. But what I haven't talked much about is the fact that I’ve suffered with monthly migraines since age 10. My migraines occur like clockwork once per month with my hormonal cycle. And for nearly 50 years, there's not much I've been able to do about them.

Despite trying everything from regulating my progesterone levels with bio-identical hormones to popping pharmaceuticals and drug cocktails, nothing has ever really done much for me at all except mask the pain a little.

I've just learned to live with my migraines. Typically, I spend a couple hours in the dark after taking Excedrin Migraine until I can function again. The last migraine I had was in March of 2023. The new remedy I tried actually blew me away. The weird thing is that It's not marketed as a migraine therapy at all. Surprisingly, it's an energy shot formulated with adaptogens and nootropics. But when I had my last migraine, I took the energy shot. And what happened next was pretty exciting.

This particular migraine was a doozy. I didn’t catch it in time, and it got to the meat-hook-through-the-temple-and-out-the-eye stage. By the time I got to the kitchen to start my workday, I could barely see straight. And the pain was unbearable. My head felt heavy like it had a 20-pound weight inside. At this point, I was willing to try anything.

I had received some samples of a new “feel good” energy shot called More Than Energy (MTE). Some of you may have received these shots as free gifts with your Lectin Free Gourmet Foodie Box orders.

The energy shots contain a proprietary blend of nootropics, which are special molecules that can improve cognitive functions. Certain nootropics affect different areas of cognitive function. Coincidentally, I had been reading up on some very encouraging research on nootropics and migraines. In particular, a nootropic in saffron extract has some promising results for migraine sufferers.

As it just so happens, MTE contains a proprietary blend of nootropics, including one called Affron, a brand of saffron extract nootropic.

So, on the day that I just couldn’t function with my pounding headache, I reached for an MTE knowing it contained this particular saffron nootropic. I honestly had no idea if it could help me, but it was WORTH A SHOT!

What happened next was simply amazing. After just 30 minutes, the weight of the migraine lifted. Then after an hour, the pain was completely gone.

When you watch the video, you can literally see the difference in my face before and after. I went about my day at the kitchen, went out for dinner with friends, and the migraine never came back.

It was nothing short of a small miracle in my book. I killed that pain monster with one potent shot! I honestly could not believe it.

This is significant because usually my migraines come back after the drugs wear off and I have to keep treating them - sometimes for days. Often the pounding will go away temporarily, but I can still feel the weight in my head.

I’m now taking MTE daily to see if I can prevent another migraine next month. Check back for updates on this blog.

I’m just one example of MTE being More Than Energy. It’s now my new migraine remedy. If you suffer from migraines, maybe this can help you too.

To try MTE at a discount, use this link and code:


I hope you have similar results as I did.

Finally, I have one word of warning: BITTER! The bitterness of MTE does take some getting used to. Like my dad used to say, "That'll put hair on your chest." But because of the euphoric energy these little shots provide — and now migraine relief, too — I’ll gladly throw one back on the daily.

My advice is to JUST SHOOT IT!

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