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Fab Kitchen Gadgets

FabFitFun boxes have gourmet kitchen gadgets to choose from seasonally. See fall box review on Twine cheese board and get Kristine's discount on your box.

FabFitFun Fall 2019 Review

FabFitFun fall 2019 box arrived stuffed with goodies including some of the coolest gourmet gadgets. Snag a fall box and get $10 off by clicking my link.

For my fall box, I chose the Twine charcuterie board. It comes complete with these pretty gold cheese knife and prongs. The board, made from gorgeous acacia wood, is a great size for entertaining. With the white ceramic plate being removable, you can nearly double the serving size for lots of charcuterie, cheeses, fig jam and pickled things. I've used mine several times since I got it, and my guests always ask me where I got it. FabFitFun, darlings!!!!

I also selected the Epare dual salt and pepper mill. I use it literally every day, because as you know, I'm always cooking. I love having my salt and pepper in the same mill. It's so convenient! And the design of this mill is so sleek and minimalist. Each side hold a large 1/2 cup of rock salt or peppercorns. The spices are not included, so you could load it with whatever you like. I thought it might also be fun to use in the bar, and load it with whole cloves, juniper berries, or freeze dried blueberries for that finishing touch on gourmet cocktails.

Now, the third culinary item in my fall box is the Kate Spade lunch box. I mean who's lunching in style now? I AM!!!!! I work from home, but sometimes I just pack a picnic lunch and walk to the park just so I can use my sexy new lunch tote.

Of course, my FabFitFun boxes are always stuffed with bath and beauty products. This one was loaded with hair, face and body care items. And, man, I need them after practically being a hermit in August writing my sourdough cookbook. I can sure use a little self care right now, and my fall box arrived just in time.

The best thing about FabFitFun is that the products are always full-size, not samples. I have an annual membership, so my boxes are around $40 each. Clearly there's way more than $40 worth of stuff here!

As long as we're here, let's talk about some of the skincare items in this box. Being from Minnesota, I always appreciate a good Aveda haircare product. Aveda is headquartered in Minneapolis, and I've used their products since the 1990s. Their Damage Remedy hair repair doesn't disappoint. It's a leave in conditioner that makes hair super easy to comb out and blow out. And it really protects from heat styling. The tube is a generous 34 fluid ounces. I use about a nickel size dab every time I wash my hair. So this is going to last a long time.

Another of my faves in this box is the SKINVOLVE body boost gel. With the menthol and green tea, and light gel formula, it's so refreshing to rub on after a shower. And at night I've been using it on my thighs after I burn them with squats. I rub the cooling gel in with my fascia blaster. Whoa!!!!

Okay a couple more items I've been using are the Elemis peptide 4 night cream/oil. It's really nice and creamy and has a soft smell from all the natural essences like orange peel and nutmeg in the formula. I'm super sensitive and my skin does great with this stuff. It's very hydrating and seems to agree with my very dry, sensitive skin after using it for two weeks.

I'm also loving the pure C from Cosmedix. It's pure vitamin C crystals you can sprinkle into any skincare product to give it the power of C, which is essential for anti-aging skin nutrition.

Additionally, the Harper + Ari juice cleanse sugar exfoliating sugar cubes are fun. They're little personal size scrubby soaps. I've been using one every time I shower. They leave my skin smooth and clean. I love them, and I'm almost out, so I'll be hunting these down to restock.

The human+kind body souffle is a vegan and cruelty free body cream that is light and absorbs nicely into the skin without being sticky to the touch. I've been using it on my legs and arms, and that little problem area near my armpit that seems to be getting saggier and crepier with age. This stuff does the trick and makes my skin looks smooth and less crepey.

Finally, Skin & Co's Truffle Therapy toner is really nice. I got a truffle oil cleanser in one of my previous boxes and now I have to toner to complete the set. I do like this skincare line and am interested to see if they have a night or day cream with SPF. This stuff is really gentle and fragrance free. I need that like you don't know. Plus it makes my face feel really soft.

I like FabFitFun because it's a great way to try full-size, not samples, of new products and see if they really work. The company has the most amazing customer service, too! If you ever have problem, they'll bend over backwards for you to fix it.

I've loved everything I've received in my FabFitFun boxes. The high-end quality culinary products, jewelry and cute fashion accessories and even robes and towels are always on point. The best part is that each box is customizable. You get to choose what you want and you can add on (if you just can't decide) and get everything.

If you'd like a $10 discount on your first FabFitFun box, click this link.

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