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Cream Puffs

Lectin free choux pastry bakes up so light and airy, you won't believe it's grain free. Fill the pastry with whipped cream for the ultimate lectin free cream puffs.

Choux pastry is required to make the perfect cream puff. But the perfect choux pastry is made with wheat flour. That is until now. I have figured out a way to make an exceptional choux pastry with grain free flour. Just look at how light and airy this pastry is.

The dough is piped just like glutenous choux pastry. And it bakes up light and delicate just like our old stand by.

Learn how to master the art of lectin free choux pastry in my latest e-cookbook Lectin Free Gourmet Table for One! The e-book is filled with recipes (30 in all) for delicious solo plates.

Get my LFG Cream Puffs recipes plus so many more by downloading my cookbook.

DOWNLOAD LFG Table for One! and make these lectin free cream puffs today.

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