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Strawberry & Walnut Salad

Just 4 ingredients and this summer salad comes together. Get the recipe!

I love a good summer salad, especially when it whips up in seconds flat. With just four simple ingredients on hand (including the pre-made dressing), you can make this crunchy, sweet and tangy strawberry and walnut salad. Read on for the recipe.

Salad kits are convenient, but most come with sugary seed-oil dressings, the wrong kind of fruits and nuts, and even glutenous croutons. But did you know you can buy a bag of perfectly shredded crucifers without any bad dressings or mix ins? It's available at Trader Joe's.

It's called Cruciferous Crunch! It has all the good stuff including kale, Brussels sprouts, purple cabbage, green cabbage and broccoli. It's washed and ready to eat, which comes in handy on busy (or lazy) summer days when you're hungry but don't want to fuss. I like this blend of crucifers because you can eat it raw with dressing or sauté it in olive oil, salt and pepper for a warm side with grilled meats.

For summer salads, I make my lemon poppyseed dressing (recipe below) ahead of time in a quadruple batch and store it in the fridge in a large mason jar. Then, I just shake it up and pour it cold over salads and slaws. I recommend always having this dressing on hand during summer months. And when you have the dressing pre-made and ready to go, you can throw this salad together in under 5 minutes.

Are you ready to make this delicious strawberry and walnut summertime salad? Let's go!


The Recipe

(Serves 4)

LFG Strawberry & Walnut Salad

1 Bag Trader Joe's Cruciferous Crunch

1 Pint Large Strawberries (sliced)

1/2 Cup Walnut Halves and Pieces

1/4 Cup LFG Lemon Poppyseed Dressing*

*LFG Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

1/4 C Coconut Milk

1 T Avocado Oil

1 T Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

1 T Apple Cider Vinegar

1/2 t Pure Stevia Extract Powder

1 t Local Raw Honey

1 T Poppyseeds

1/4 t Pure Almond Extract

1/4 t Salt

1/4 t Pepper

Step 1: Dress Crucifers

Into a large bowl, dump one bag of Trader Joe's Cruciferous Crunch. Pour dressing over crucifers. Then, toss the salad until well dressed.

Note: if you're making a single serving, cut the recipe in four.

Step 2: Add Toppings

Transfer the dressed crucifers to a large serving bowl. Top with slice strawberries and walnuts.

This salad pairs nicely with a chilled glass of Champagne or a dry frosé.


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