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Sausage Egg McHealthy

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

A Sausage Egg McMuffin is on your mind, but you don't want to blow it. This LFG Fast Food Hack will have you devouring a Sausage Egg McHealthy in minutes flat.

Sausage Egg McMuffin Hack

Fast food is one of the worst things for us. Bad fats, high sodium and high-glycemic sugars/carbs are the trifecta for a time bomb of food-related illnesses like obesity, autoimmune diseases and heart conditions.

But, come on! We've all gone through a drive through, haven't we? It's convenient, it tastes good, and sometimes we're just feeling a little naughty.

My LFG Fast Food Hacks are that little angel on your shoulder that says, "Don't do it!" Instead, make your favorite fast food items at home. A few swaps and, VOILA! It tastes like the original, only better. It's healthy fast food in the comfort of your own kitchen. You don't even need Uber Eats! And this food is loaded with good fats, proteins, healthy carbs and, oh hell, we even throw in a KALE LEAF! Mickey D's won't do that!

So let's get to the nitty gritty of how it's done. Our first fast food hack is the Sausage Egg McHealthy, a healthy, lectin-free spin on McDonald's popular breakfast sandwich. I make a grain-free English muffin with kombucha (whatever flavor I have lying around) and a flax egg that will blow your mind. The kombucha acts like yeast and gives the muffin the smell and flavor of real bread. And if you don't know how to poach an egg, well you've come to the right place. I'll show you how to get it right every time! Read on to get the full recipe.

The Recipe

Sausage Egg McHealthy

1 LFG English Muffin*

1 Poached Egg

1/4 C Fennel Sausage

1 Kale Leaf

5 Asparagus Spears

*LFG English Muffin

3 T LFG Flour Blend

1/2 t Cream of Tartar

1/4 t Kosher Salt

1 1/2 T Melted Grassfed Butter

2 T Kombucha

1 Flax Egg (1 t flax meal + 2 t water, let sit and congeal for a few minutes)

1 Egg

*Poached Egg

4 Cups Water

1 T Rice Vinegar

1/2 T Salt

1 Egg

*Fennel Sausage

1/2 Lb. 100% Grassfed Ground Beef

1/4 t Salt

1/2 t Paprika

1/2 t Fennel Seeds

1/2 t Garlic Powder

1/2 t Onion Powder

1/2 t Herbes de Provence


First, make the LFG English muffin. In a round shaped cappuccino cup, whisk the flour, cream of tartar and salt together. Add the kombucha (any flavor you have on hand). Mix it in with a fork. You'll have lumps, but that's good. Next add the flax egg and the real egg. Mix well. Finally, add the melted butter. Pop this in the microwave for 90 seconds. Let stand for a minute. Then turn cup upside down and let the English muffin fall out into the palm of your hand. With a serated knife, cut the muffin in half horizontally. Now plate the two halves and set aside.

Next make the fennel sausage. Brown the grassfed beef with salt in a hot skillet. Add paprika, fennel seeds, onion and garlic powders and Herbes de Provence toward the end of browning. Set aside.

Finally, make the poached egg. In a medium sauce pan, add water, vinegar and salt. Bring to a rapid boil. Reduce to a slow boil. Crack an egg, into a small measuring cup or ramekin. With a wire whisk create a whirlpool in the boiling water. Now ease the egg into the water. Watch as it forms a ball in the circulating water. Slow boil for 2 1/2 - 3 minutes. No longer! With a slotted spoon, lift the poached egg out and place on a small plate. Tilt the plate and absorb the excess water with a paper towel. Take your finger and rub off any "angel wings" so that the egg is smooth. It should look like a mozzarella ball.

Blanch your asparagus spears in the egg water after you've poached your egg.

To assemble your McHealthy, spoon 1/4 cup of sausage onto the English muffin and top with the poached egg! Garnish with a kale leaf and some blanched asparagus spears.


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1 Comment

Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith
Sep 19, 2022

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