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Pressure Cooker Sloppy Joes

Sloppy Joes for lectin free mouths drip with sweet and savory flavor as they satisfy your big craving for comfort food! Easy as 1-2-3, make LFG Sloppy Joes!

Lectin Free Gourmet Sloppy Joes

Tangy, sweet and salty, grassfed meat sauce spills over a toasted California Country Gal bun. It's the LFG sloppy Joe, and it's about to get in your belly.

Sloppy Joes may seem like a distant memory, never to be savored again on the Plant Paradox plan. But wait! Enter the Instant Pot and California Country Gal bread mix, and we're back in business.

I'm not talking about opening a can of Manwich. That stuff has sugar and stuff we don't need.

If you've ever made sloppy Joes from scratch, you know it involves tomatoes. So please, stick to the PP plan and only make this if your phase 3.

This LFG sloppy Joe has all the components of the former lectin-bomb version we loved. It's slightly sweet, savory, tangy, with lots of onion and garlic, and has a certain fall-apartness that gives this sandwich its charm. I recommend eating it with a fork to get every last bit of sloppy goodness.

Now, a couple of things you'll need to make this recipe easier are a pressure cooker and California Country Gal bread mix. If you don't have a pressure cooker, you can order one on Amazon. Here's a link for one I have that does the trick. If you buy it, Amazon pays me to tell you about the products I love. But let's be clear. I choose the products. A pressure cooker makes your lectin free life a lot easier and enjoyable. With this pressure cooker, you can saute the garlic, onions and meat in the pot, then add the sauce ingredients and pressure cook to kills the lectins in the tomatoes all in the same pot.

Now sauce is nothing without a great bun. There are definitely some great keto buns out there that you can make. But I recommend California Country Gal hamburger bun mix. It's easy and the buns are big and soft inside and have that brioche crust. I have two ways to make a big soft hamburger bun. The first is just follow the recipe on the back of the package using six egg whites. But if you have sourdough starter, you can skip the eggs, and make a no-egg California Country Gal bun. With sourdough starter the buns explode with unbelievable loft.

Make the buns ahead of time. I freeze mine and take them out as needed. They thaw beautifully, like just-baked.

Okay, are you ready to make this amazing sloppy Joe recipe? Let's go!


The Recipe

LFG Pressure Cooker Sloppy Joes

1/4 Cup Olive Oil

1/2 Large Red Onion (diced)

2 Cloves Garlic (minced)

1 lb 100% Grassfed Ground Beef**

1 tsp. Seasoned Salt

1 Tbsp. Brown Swerve

(1) 15 oz Can Organic Tomato Sauce like Muir Glen*

California Country Gal Hamburger Buns (made in advance)

*Muir Glen organic tomato sauce is already lectin free becuase it's made with tomato paste which has the seeds and peels strained out. But there are some other products out there like Pomi Strained Tomatoes that also work for this recipe.

** You can also use Quorn meatless crumbles for this recipe to the animal protein.

Step 1: Saute the Onions and Garlic

With the pressure cooker set to saute, heat oil. Drop in diced onions and saute in oil until translucent. Add minced garlic. Saute with onions for an additional minute. Add ground beef. Saute until just browned.

Step 2: Pressure Cook Sauce

Sprinkle seasoned salt and brown "sugar" over meat. Dump in tomato sauce. Cover, seal and pressure cook on medium setting for five minutes. If you choose the right sauce, that already has lectins removed, five minutes is all you need to kill and remaining lectins and complete this dish. Let the pressure cooked sauce sit with cover sealed while you toast the buns.

Step 3: Toast Buns

In a skillet on high, melt a tablespoon of ghee or French butter. Place split buns open face down in melted butter. Toast for one minute.

Release the steam on the pressure cooker completely. Then uncover and spoon a generous heap of sloppy Joe sauce over your toasted buns.

Pair with a jammy red and a large bowl of greens tossed in EVOO and lemon juice.


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