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Japanese Soufflé Pancakes

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Jiggly viral pancakes go lectin free as Kristine modifies the Japanese soufflé pancake recipe to incorporate gut-friendly ingredients from Dr. Gundry's YES list.

Lectin Free Gourmet Souffle Pancakes

Japanese soufflé pancakes are getting quite bit of attention lately. Videos of the unusually tall and jiggly pancakes seem to be everywhere. This viral pancake is now lectin free with the help of Dr. Gundry's generous list of approved flours. I used sifted arrowroot and cassava flours to mimic fine cake four. A little granular monk fruit sweetener and the rest was easy.

The result is a lofty, eggy soufflé-like pancake that is as fun to make as it is to eat. The trick to these is the steam. I'll show you how to get them cooked all the around with a little water and a lid. If you can cook more than one at a time, go for it.

I've seen it done with a deep stock pan and lid successfully one pancake at a time. But the problem with this is you eat them as you make them (at least I did). And there's no stack to speak of.

To get more than one at a time, I suggest a griddle. You'll need to get creative for the lid. I used a large roasting pan that covered the entire griddle and was tall enough to let the soufflé pancakes reach their potential height. This worked well and I was able to make four pancakes at a time.

The Recipe

LFG Soufflé Pancakes

3 Cold Pastured Eggs (separated)

1/4 C Cold Unsweetened Blanched Almond Milk

1/2 T Vanilla Extract or Paste

6 T Arrowroot Flour

6 T Cassava Flour

1/2 t Baking Powder

1/4 t Salt

1/2 t Lemon Juice

6 T Lakanto Classic Monk Fruit Sweetener (divided)

Whipped Coconut or Heavy Cream (for serving)

Powdered Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener (for dusting)

Step 1: Separate Eggs

Separate the egg yolks and whites. Put whites in a deep bowl and set aside. Put yolks in a one quart pourable glass pitcher.

Step 2: Whisk Yolk Mixure

In the glass pitcher, whisk yolks with cold milk, one tablespoon of monk fruit sweetener, and vanilla. Through a sifter, slowly add flours, baking powder, and salt while whisking until well blended and frothy. Set aside.

Step 3: Make Meringue

Add lemon juice to egg whites and beat with a hand mixer until foamy. Keep whipping at medium speed while gradually adding remaining five tablespoons of sweetener until whites are glossy and stiff peaks form.

Step 5: Fold Meringue into Yolk Batter

With a whisk, gently fold one-third of the meringue into the yolk batter until just barely incorporated. Do not stir. You want this batter to be fluffy and airy. Repeat folding in meringue in two more rounds until it's all folded in and the souffle pancake batter is very light and fluffly and jiggly.

Step 6: Griddle Cook the Pancakes

Heat a non-stick griddle on medium low. Fill a cup with water and keep it nearby with a soup spoon. Pour about 1/4 cup batter for each pancake. The batter will be high and fluffy. Pour a spoonful of water next to each pancake and cover the entire griddle with a roasting pan. Steam cook for about four minutes. Using a thin, small spatula, gently and quickly flip the pancakes. Add a spoonful of water and cover again to cook the other side for three minutes or until set.

These Japanese soufflé pancakes jiggle on the plate. And they're so light and airy inside, like a soufflé. The slightly sweet taste means you can skip the syrup and just eat them with a dollop of fresh whipped coconut cream.


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