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Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa

Made with 2 simple ingredients Gundry MD Heart Defense and almond milk. Get recipe!

Hot chocolate really hits the spot on a cold winter afternoon. If only it were good for you, that would be even better. Now, it is! With Gundry MD Heart Defense, I can whip up a cup of dark hot cocoa in minutes. And the super polyphenols and good nutrients in this supplement actually help promote a heart healthy lifestyle. Imagine that by simply sipping hot chocolate you can do something good for your ticker.

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To make this recipe you'll need just two ingredients and some water. Start with Gundry MD Heart Defense. If you read my "Top 12" blog, you'll know I love this one. It tastes like liquid Oreo cookies. The dark chocolate flavor feels ultimately decadent.

Next, you'll need a good blanched almond milk. I like Califia Farms organic unsweetened almond milk. It has just three ingredients -- water, organic blanched almonds, and sea salt. This is one of the only almond milks I know if that is made from blanched almonds. If you've read Dr Gundry's books, you'll know that almond skins have lectins. So we want to avoid them.

And, almonds are one of those dirty foods that are sprayed with glyphosate. So choose organic if you can find it. Califia Farms organic unsweetened almond milk is a great choice. This almond milk froths up nicely in my Nepresso milk steamer to barista perfection!

Okay now that we have our secret weapons, let's make this LFG dark hot cocoa.

The Recipe

LFG Dark Hot Cocoa

1 scoop Gundry MD Heart Defense

1/4 cup Boiling Water (not really an ingredient)

1/4 cup Steamed Blanched Almond Milk

Step1: ADD 1 scoop Heart Defense to your favorite mug.

Step2: POUR IN 1/4 cup boiling water. WHISK until dissolved.

Step3: STEAM 1/4 cup almond milk. I use the Nespresso milk steamer/frother to heat and froth the milk. You could also heat the milk in a small saucepan and then use a battery operated milk frother the get the milk stretched and airy.

Step 4: TOP the hot cocoa with steamed almond milk.


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