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LFG SWEET SORGHUM SOURDOUGH MIX is here! Works in the conventional oven or a bread machine! Make a gorgeous, sweet sorghum sourdough boule with this substantial 1 lb bag of bread mix. Just add water! It's vegan, nut free, dairy free, and egg free made with wholesome organic ingredients on Dr. Gundry's yes list.


Do you love classic Italian peasant bread? You can have it without the gluten and sugar of commercial breads! I first created my famous Lectin Free Gourmet sweet sorghum sourdough back in 2018 as one of the artisan breads in my ebook SOURDOUGH RISING! It proved to be one of the most used recipes in the book. And now it's available in an easy "just add water" mix. Despite the name, the bread is not sweet. Sweet sorghum is the variety of sorghum plant that grows with less water while still producing plenitful hulless grains.


I make the sourdough mix in my dedicated lectin free commercial kitchen where I also bake LFG grain-free granola daily and package up all your favorite handmade lectin free baking mixes and pasta kits for your enjoyment.


Since inventing the Lectin Free Gourmet sourdough method, I felt it was high time to offer easy artisan sourdough mixes. You're going to love the light, country sourdough taste with crunchy crust and delicately chewy crumb. Even the most discriminating palates can't tell it's lectin free. There's nothing weird about it. We're not missing a thing!


What's my secret? LFG sweet sorghum sourdough mix is made with the goodness of sorghum and tapioca flours. You also get the all-day energizing benefits of medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids from flax meal, immune support from lion’s mane mushrooms, fiber from psyllium husk, and prebiotics from inulin. Plus, whole-grain, hulless sorghum has phenolic acid compounds known to have polyphenol antioxidants super powers. All you do is add water, shape, rise, and bake. So easy!


Now, let's talk about texture. For me, crust and crumb are everything in a lectin free sourdough bread. What makes my sourdough just right? I invented the perfect vegan lectin free egg replacer to give the bread structure and stability, while keeping it light, soft and airy. And, I use lactic acid from beets to react with the leaveners to give my bread an airy crumb and that distinct sourdough tang. Trust me, this bread passes my strict LFG standard for legit bread. And, you're going to love the easy process.


How easy is this mix? Just activate the “stretch” cultures (included) with warm water. You can add a little honey to excite the cultures even more, but it's totally optional. Combine the mix, water and activated cultures, shape into a smooth ball, rise and bake. It's that easy. Or you can dump it all in the bread machine and it’s even easier. See the blog page for video instructions on bread machine method.

I've done the recipe development, all the sourcing of hard-to-find, expensive ingredients as well as precise measuring and proofing the process so your bread comes out perfect every time.


Slice it up, make turkey sandwiches, make fancy toasts, pan-toast savory garlic croutons and more. It's great just with a slab of salted French butter or dunked in seasoned olive oil and balsamic, too. My personal favorite is to make the Grown Up Grilled Cheese sandwich (recipe on page 40) of my ebook Sourdough Rising!


To store your bread, just slice the entire boule into 18 pieces ( or 36 half slices) and keep in an air tight bag in the fridge. This bread keeps at least a week this way. Or, try layering parchment between slices and freezing in a ziplock bag. You can eat an occasional slice or two of "fresh baked" bread at your leisure. Once thawed, the sourdough is as fresh as the day you baked it.


Another consideration is to divide the dough and bake two smaller boules. Eat one now, freeze one for later.


Add some sweet sorghum sourdough mix to your order now and get baking!


  • All Lectin Free Gourmet ingredients are organic if available.

    Sweet Sorghum Sourdough Ingredients: sorghum flour, tapioca flour, sweet potato starch, psyllium husk, MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil), salt, inulin, lion’s mane mushroom extract, salt, flax meal, xanthan gum, yeast cultures, lactic acid (from beets), baking soda, citric acid

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