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Blue Cheese Chips

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Crispy, crunchy, savory sweet potato chips smothered in melty Roquefort and feta cheeses and salty herbs send taste buds swooning. Get the easy recipe.

Blue cheese potato chips are actually a thing here is Salt Lake City, or at least they were. A local restaurant called Bambara featured the pungently cheesy chips on their bar menu for over a decade. Delicate hand-cut potatoes (we'll use sweet potatoes for this lectin free recipe) smothered in melted pungent cheeses and herbs always had me salivating before I even took one bite. Now, they're off the menu at Bambara, but I'm permanently installing my own Lectin Free Gourmet version of this pub food here. Read on to see how they're made.

Crispy chips can be just fine to eat as a snack or light meal on the Plant Paradox plan, especially if they're sweet potato chips fried in good oil. We'll use a mandolin slicer to get them extra thin. And we'll fry them in pure olive oil to get them super light and crispy.

For the cheeses, we know we want to use a2 dairy for good digestion. So, I've selected a combination of authentic Roquefort made with sheep's milk, and goat feta for this recipe. An herbed goat chevre would also be nice and flavorful in place of the feta. And, you could also add triple-cream brie cheese for extra creamy deliciousness.

For deep frying, I like to use pure olive oil. It's a bit more refined than extra virgin and is wonderful for frying. You could also use rice bran oil. It has a neutral flavor and is on Dr. Gundry's YES list. If you have an air fryer, you can also brush each chip with oil and air fry to a delicate, bubbly crisp. Personally, I prefer the deep-fry method to get more good fat into each chip.

Now let's get to the recipe.


The Recipe

LFG Blue Cheese Sweet Potato Chips

1 Large White Sweet Potato

1 Cup Pure Olive Oil (for frying)

Pinch teaspoon Pink Himalayan Salt

2 oz Roquefort Cheese (from sheep's milk)

2 oz Goat Feta Crumbles

1 tsp Fresh Thyme Leaves (chopped)

Step 1: Slice Sweet Potato

With a mandolin slicer, slice sweet potato as thinly as possible. No need to peel the sweet potato. There's lots of good nutrients and fiber in that skin!

Step 2: Fry Sweet Potato Slices

In a deep fryer or fry pan filled with compliant oil such as pure olive or rice bran oil preheated to 325 degrees F, fry sweet potato slices to a crispy, bubbly golden brown.

Step 3: Drain and Season

Drain fried chips on a paper towel and sprinkle with pink salt. The cheese will already have salt in them, so only use a little salt to bring all the flavors together.

Step 4: Melt Cheeses

Arrange chips on a plate. Sprinkle with crumbled cheeses. Microwave for about 30 seconds to melt cheeses.

Step 5: Add Fresh Herbs

Finally, evenly distribute freshly chopped thyme over the melted cheese.

Enjoy these chips with a glass of cold, bubbly Champagne.

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