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Affordable Organic LFG Basics

Thrive Market brand has some of the best organic ingredients at the lowest price. Save 25% off your first order with my link and cut your organic grocery bill now.

Thrive Brand Organic Groceries

Thrive Market online has organic groceries for a lot less. I get all my LFG basics from Plant Paradox compliant flours, fats, sauces, and milks, to grassfed collagens and a lot more.

I love their breakfast "cereal" coconut flakes (not pictured). They remind me of Wheaties without the lectins.

One of my favorite products in Thrive Ghee & Coconut Oil. It's the jar in the center of the picture. It gives a great buttery flavor to baked goods and sauces. And it's way cheaper than ghee you'd find elsewhere, because it's a blend.

Shop Thrive brand organic products and save big! Here is a link for 25% off your first order.

Save 25% NOW! Click Here!

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1 Comment

I'm looking through Thrive Market but they don't have a Lectin Free option. I'm new to the diet and still struggling with what I can eat. In which category should I be shopping ?

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