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2-ingredient Black Forest Cake

Make this decadent cherry chocolate flourless cake with just two simple ingredients.

Do you love cherries and chocolate? Then you will really fall for this flourless Black Forest cherry chocolate cake. This decadent dessert's sweetness comes only from dark chocolate. And the acidity contrast is from dark cherries. It's the perfect flavor combo and the ultimate luxurious treat. The recipe yields one personal cake that is so rich you'll need a friend to share it with.

To make this cake, simplay gather your favorite 72% cacao dark chocolate bar and some dark bing cherries. I love Trader Joe's 72% cacao Belgian Chocolate bar. And frozen dark cherries work. Just make sure they're thawed and at room temp before blending with the chocolate.

For the circular form, I used a steel crumpet ring. You could also make this personal cake in a 4-ounce ramekin. Be sure to butter whatever form you use really well so the chilled set cake slides right out.

Are you ready? Let's make this ultimate cherry chocolate cake.


The Recipe

LFG 2-ingredient Black Forest Cake

(1) 72% Cacao Chocolate Bar

1/3 cup Pitted Bing Cherries (room temp)

Step 1: Melt Chocolate

Generously butter a crumpet ring or 4-oz ramekin. Into a saucepan, add 1/2 cup water. Break apart the chocolate bar into a heat safe bowl. Set the bowl into the saucepan of water making sure the water level climbs not more than halfway up the bowl. Turn on the burner and bring the water to a soft simmer while stirring the chocolate while it melts to a velvety smooth texture.

Step 2: Blend Cherries and Chocolate

Into a small food processor, dump cherries and three-quarters of the melted chocolate. Blend to a smooth mixture. Reserve the remaining melted chocolate for the top of the cake.

Step 3: Fill the Form

Scrape the cherry chocolate mixture into the buttered form. Then top with the remaining melted chocolate. Chill for at least one hour.

To serve, dust with raw cacao powder and top with a whole cherry. This is a personal sized cake that is so rich and decadent you'll need a friend to help you finish it.


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