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Pan-Seared Sea Scallops

Sea scallops pan-seared to a golden brown are tender on the inside with a delicate brown butter flavor. See how the Lectin Free Gourmet does scallops!

Lectin Free Gourmet Pan-Seared Sea Scallops

Lectin Free Gourmet sea scallops are seared in butter and olive oil. The secret to getting them golden crisp outside, and tender on the inside lies in the heat and basting.

Sear on high heat for one minute on each side, continuously basting with fats and seasoned juices and you'll have success every time.

Scallops are super nutritious seafood. They're high in protein, low in carbs and calories and loaded with omega-3s, B12, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, copper and selenium. Selenium is essential for healthy thyroid function. The nutritional benefits make sea scallops a great choice for some occasional animal protein.

Remember. Dr. G says eat animal protein in moderation, so no more than three ounces in a serving. I like to serve my sea scallops over LFG cauliflower cheese risotto.

Let's get to making these easy gourmet pan-seared scallops.


The Recipe

LFG Pan-Seared Seas Scallops

3 Large Sea Scallops

3 T Olive Oil

2 T French Butter

1/4 t Salt

1/4 t Pepper

Lemon Wedge for Serving

(Serves One)

Step 1: Dry the Scallops

Place the scallops on a paper towel. Place a second paper towel over the scallops. With a plate, apply gentle even pressure over the scallops to squeeze out excess water. Remove towels and allow scallops to sit at room temperature for a few minutes while you prepare your pan.

Step 2: Pan Sear Scallops

Heat a skillet on high. Add olive oil and heat until translucent. Add butter to the center of the pan with hot olive oil. Butter will melt very quickly, so have the scallops ready to go in. Arrange scallops in the center of the pan. Allow to sear on one side. With a spoon, baste the scallops with the oil and butter repeatedly. You will find tilting the pan is the easiest way to get a full spoon of oil. After one minute of searing and basting, flip the scallops. Season the seared side with salt and pepper. Continue searing and basting for another minute until scallops are deep golden brown and edges are crispy.

Plate with braised spinach, over a bed of cauliflower cheese risotto. Garish with microgreens and serve with a lemon wedge.

Pair with Prosecco. ENJOY!

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