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No Oatmeal Cookies

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

You'd never know there's no oatmeal in these huge, chewy, golden brown cookies that taste just like the ones mom used to make with real oats. Get the recipe!

Lectin Free Gourmet No Oatmeal Cookies

Don't you miss oatmeal cookies? But oats have lectins, and here lies the dilemma. How on earth do you make oatmeal cookies without oats? I found a way. Because, as you know, if there's a will, there's a LECTIN FREE GOURMET to figure it out. You're welcome!

Now you're going to need a couple of very key ingredients to make these cookies right. The first is syrup. Use IMO sweetener made from tapioca starch if you can find it. Yacon and allulose syrups work too. All are guy-friendly sweeteners that act a lot like corn syrup in recipes. In these cookies, these syrups give them their perfect cookie chew.

In addition to the syrup, you'll need blanched sliced almonds. These are going to act as our oats. They're flat, so when we crush them slightly they look and feel like oats. To crush them, we'll pulse them a few times in the food processor until they're oat size, and that's it. We've found out oat swap, and it's a goody!

Hopefully, the rest of the ingredients are pretty standard for lectin free baking and you all have them in your pantry. These NO OATMEAL COOKIES are crispy around the edges, and soft and chewy in the middle. Amazing!

Okay, let's get started.


The Recipe

LFG No Oatmeal Cookies

1/4 C Butter (melted)

1/4 C IMO, Allulose or Yacon Syrup

1/4 C Lakanto Golden Monk Fruit Sweetener

1 T Raw Local or Manuka Honey

12 Drops Vanilla Stevia Extract

1 t Pure Vanilla Extract

1 Large Pastured Egg

1 1/4 C Arrowroot Flour

2 T Ground Flax Seed

1 T Grassfed Collagen

1 T Ground Cinnamon

1 t Baking Soda

1/2 t Salt

1 1/2 C Blanched Sliced Almonds

Step 1: Mix Dry Ingredients

Preheat oven to 375°F. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper. In a small bowl, whisk together flour, flax, collagen, cinnamon, baking soda and salt. Set aside.

Step 2: Make the “Oats”

In a food processor with sharp blade, add the sliced almonds. Give the almonds five short pulses, watching closely. Stop when almond slices are crushed to the size of oats. Set aside.

Step 3: Whip Butter and Sweeteners

In a large bowl, and with a hand mixer, whip together melted butter with syrup, golden monk fruit sweetener, honey, and stevia drops.

Step 4: Emulsify Egg and Vanilla

Crack in the egg and add vanilla. Emulsify with the hand mixer about 30 seconds until you have a smooth, creamy mixture. Set aside.

Step 5: Mix the Cookie Batter

Into the creamy mixture, add dry ingredients. Mix well with a rubber spatula. Fold in “oats” until well incorporated.

Step 6: Spoon and Bake

Drop one-tablespoon spoonfuls of batter onto the lined baking sheet. This cookie batter spreads and expands so be sure to space at least three inches apart. Bake in small batches of six to allow enough room for cookies to expand. Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown and crispy on edges.


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Suzy Cook
Suzy Cook
Mar 26

I have made these cookies several times and they are usually a bit dry. Followed the ingredients exactly as written and they taste really good, but with a dryness. Any suggestions to making them a bit more moist? Thanks so much.

Replying to

Hi Suzy, thanks for using this recipe. I created it for a thin and crispy cookie. You could try baking one or two minutes less. Or if you really love a softer chewier cookie, try adding an extra egg.

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