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Lectin Light Green Bean Hot Dish

Enjoy classic green bean casserole with creamy mushroom sauce and crispy French fried onions. But what's missing? Lectins! Get the recipe.

Green bean hot dish is the quintessential holiday side dish. We're talking cut green beans baked in a creamy, buttery mushroom sauce and topped with crispy French fried onions. Who doesn't love this dish?! And now it's Lectin Free Gourmet. Read on for this amazing recipe.

Did I say hot dish? That's right! If you say casserole, you must NOT be from Minnesota. It's one of those words that distinguishes us. Whatever you call it, green bean hot dish is delicious. Traditionally made with Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, and French's crispy fried onions, this dish is a lectin bomb. But in my opinion, the holiday table just isn't the same without it.

This classic holiday side always graced our table at Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was the dish that everyone had seconds and thirds of. My mom always made an extra hot dish and hid it from the guests so we'd have leftovers the next day. I suggest making two of my LFG version, because this dish will disappear fast.

We start with frozen cut green beans. Now, you could make a lectin free swap here and go with asparagus or okra. But if you're like me, you like your classics the way you like them. Thank God for pressure cookers! A few minutes in the pressure cooker moves green beans from Dr. Gundry's no list, and puts them on the yes list.

If you want a lectin free version of the classic you know and love, make this recipe. You won't be disappointed. Let's make it.


The Recipe

LFG Green Bean Hot Dish

3 Tbsp Ghee

1 Large Shallot (sliced in rings)

4 oz White Mushrooms (sliced)

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Pepper

2 tsp Guar Gum

1 Cup Organic Heavy Cream

1 Cup Savory Broth (use whatever you like)

12 oz Frozen Cut Green Beans

Crispy French Fried Onions

1 Large Sweet Onion (sliced in rings)

1/4 Cup Sorghum Flour

1 tsp Salt

1 tsp Pepper

Rice Bran or Pure Olive Oil (for frying)


Step 1: Caramelize Shallots

Set oven to 350 degrees F. In a pressure cooker set to sauté, melt ghee. Add sliced shallots, and caramelize, stirring occasionally. This means let them cook in the ghee until the sugar is released and they turn a caramely brown.

Step 2: Add Mushrooms

To caramelized shallots, add sliced mushrooms and continue to stir until mushrooms are shiny, browned and shrunk one-third in size. Season the shallots and mushrooms with salt and pepper.

Step 3: Make a Roux

To the seasoned shallots and mushrooms, add guar gum. The fat in the ghee will turn the guar gum into a loose paste known as a roux. This will serve to thicken the cream sauce in the hot dish. Press "cancel" on the pressure cooker.

Step 4: Add Final Ingredients

Add frozen green beans, cream and broth and stir to incorporate. Put the cover on the cooker and pressure cook on low pressure setting for seven minutes. This will zap the lectins in the green beans.

Step 5: French Fry the Onions

While green bean mixture is pressure cooking, make the crispy onion topping. Heat a deep fryer filled with rice bran oil or pure olive oil to 325 degrees F. Into a brown lunch bag, add sorghum flour, salt, and pepper. Add sliced sweet onions and shake until well coated. Drop the coated onion rings into hot oil until crispy and golden brown.

Step 6: Bake the Hot Dish

When the pressure cooker signals done, release the pressure. Then open the lid. Stir the mixture. Be sure to scrape all the brown bits off the bottom, stirring them into the creamy mixture. That's flavor, baby! Pour mixture into a buttered pie dish or casserole dish and bake for 30 minutes until bubbly.

Serve LFG Green Bean Hot Dish as a side for your holiday meal. It's that special.


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1 Comment

Carolyn Gurski
Carolyn Gurski
Dec 01, 2020

I made this for Thanksgiving ! It was super easy and delicious 😋

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