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Frenched Lamb Lollipops & Rosemary

Imagine juicy rack of lamb with rosemary cooked to a perfect medium rare in under 30 minutes in one pan! These lamb lollipops justify gnawing the bone.

LFG Frenched lamb lollipops with rosemary

Frenched lamb lollipops can't possibly be quick and easy -- can they? I mean, we're talking about juicy, medium rare rack of lamb here! Believe it or not, this swift and stunning plate is done in one pan on the stove top.

Lamb is one of the most flavorful, clean options for red meat. Most American lamb is grassfed. However, some is grain finished. So look for "100% grassfed" on the label if you're buying from your grocer.

You might also get grass-finished lamb from a local rancher. Check your local farmer's market or ask around. If you've exhausted your local resources and still can't find grass-finished lamb, check online. Several ranchers ship frozen meat directly to your door.

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