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Lectin Free Blender Crepes

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Crepes can be made without the gluten and lectins in traditional flours with a few simple swaps. My LFG version has great texture and taste you will love.

Lectin Free Gourmet Crepes with Berry Compote and Coconut Ice Cream

You love crepes! Is it too much to ask for a treat now and then when you're on a restricted diet? And, when you make them grain-free, and with no sugar, these LFG crepes go down with all the taste and none of the consequences of the original.

The Plant Paradox diet has plenty of things you can eat, and if you know how to use the ingredients, you won't miss much.

Crepes are easy to make. There's really nothing to it. But a little ambidexterity helps. One hand to ladle the batter, and the other to swirl it in the pan.

You don't need any special equipment. In fact, I've never owned a crepe pan. I just use a regular non-stick pan. A few tips with crepes can help them come out as perfect as possible. For instance a blender helps ensure your ingredients are mixed really well and your crepes come out fluffy. Read the recipe for the rest of the tips.

The Recipe

LFG Blender Crepes

1/2 C a2 Milk

1/3 C Sorghum or Cassava Flour

1/4 t Xanthan Gum

1 Pinch Salt

1 T French Cultured Butter or Ghee

1/4 t Vanilla (for sweet filled crepes, leave it out for savory filling)

1 Large Omega-3 Egg

Confectioners Swerve for dusting (leave it out for savory filling)


Step 1: Blend Crepe Ingredients

In a blender (I like Vita Mix), add milk, flour, xanthan gum, a small pinch of salt, vanilla (if making sweet crepes), and egg. Blend on low speed for about 20 seconds. Next, melt the butter and pour it into the blender. Blend on low for about 10 more seconds. Pour the crepe batter into a bowl and get a 1/4 cup sized ladle handy. TIP: measure the same amount of batter every time for uniform crepes.

Step 2: Make Crepes

Heat your non-stick, medium frying pan to medium-low. If you have a very good ceramic pan, there is no need to butter it. If you're unsure, test a teaspoon of crepe batter to see if it sticks after 30 seconds. Use a little butter or ghee if needed to grease pan. Ladle 1/4 cup of crepe batter into the center of the hot pan. TIP: pour batter with one hand and swirl the pan with the other to ensure the batter coats the entire inside of pan. WORK FAST!

When the crepe is ready to flip, the sides will begin to lift on their own. Use a spatula to get under the crepe and lift it up and flip it. You're going to cook each side about 1 1/2 minutes or until it golden brown on edges.

Stack the finished crepes on a plate. They will stay moist and warm until you are done making all of them.

Savory filling ideas include asparagus and brie, broccoli and goat cheddar, mushroom and swiss gruyere, spinach and feta.

Sweet filling ideas include berry compote and coconut ice cream (pictured above), fresh strawberries and whipped cream, apples and cinnamon, green bananas and dark chocolate sauce.

It's a good day on the Plant Paradox plan when you can have crepes. Make it a good day!


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