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Champagne Jiggle Shots

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Bubbles and pomegranate arils suspended in jiggly Champagne. Raise a glass to the New Year with these delicious LFG Champagne jiggle shots. Get the recipe!

LFG Champagne Jiggly Shots

Champagne jiggle shots – what a pretty, festive and fitting toast to celebrate a decade that seemed to fly by! Bring in 2020 with bubbles and pomegranate arils that hang mid-glass as if time stood still – at least long enough for you to toss back this jiggly, giggly libation and yell HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Just four simple ingredients and you've got yourself a jello shot to remember. Should auld acquaintance be forgot, your guests will certainly remember the bubbly, boozy jello. It's perhaps the reason why everything after that is all a blur.

To make these LFG Champagne jiggle shots, you'll need a nice bottle of Plant Paradox approved bubbly. That means real French Champagne made in traditional method or a bottle-fermented Cava or Prosecco will do nicely, too. Just make sure the bubbles don't come from a Co2 injection, or you'll basically be drinking a sugary white wine.

Okay, let's make this.


The Recipe

LFG Champagne Jiggle Shots

1 C Hot Water

2 T Gelatin

1 C Zevia Ginger Ale

1 C Champagne

Pomegranate Arils

Step 1: Dissolve Gelatin in Hot Water

In a one-quart glass measuring pitcher, add one cup hot water. While whirling the hot water with a wire whisk, slowly sprinkle in the gelatin. Keep whisking until the gelatin is completely dissolved, about one minute.

Step 2: Add Ginger Ale and Champagne

To the gelatin mixture, add one cup of ginger ale and one cup of Champagne. Stir one or two times to mix.

Step 3: Fill Shot Glasses and Chill

Set a dozen shot glasses in a shallow baking pan. You can spray a tiny amount of coconut oil into each glass to that the shot slides out easily, but it's not essential. With a small ladle, fill shot glasses with the Champagne mixture. Drop a few pomegranate arils into each glass. Chill for two hours or until set and jiggly.

Happy New Year! ENJOY!

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