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Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Healthy frozen yogurt pops made without sugar mix up in seconds and are ready to eat in a couple of hours. Make these Plant Paradox friendly popsicles now.

LFG Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops

LFG Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops incorporate just three simple ingredients Dr. Gundry recommends. These pops have organic frozen berries, plain compliant yogurt and an IMO prebiotic sweetener that's good for your gut. While all that may sound a bit technical, these simply taste like delicious frozen yogurt.

Keep Dr. G’s YES list in mind. Only certain yogurts are compliant. Be sure to read the ingredients on your yogurt label to ensure there are no sneaky sugars or weird additives. Stick with plain yogurts made from coconut, sheep or goat milk for best results.

To make these you'll need a good BPA-free ice pop mold. I found a great one from Amazon for a great price. It's by ZOKU. If you don't have one, check it out.

I find the ZOKU mold is super easy to use, and the pops slide right out. I love the shape of the pops, and that there are six compartments! And there's absolutely no waste because you just wash and reuse the sticks.

To make these, I use frozen berries. I find them to be better than fresh in most cases and you get a jump on the freezing process. Did you know frozen berries are picked at the peak of ripeness and individually flash frozen to preserve their freshness. Often the "fresh" berries you find in the produce section are picked unripe. As they travel from the farm to your supermarket, they ripen on their long journey, often with the help of chemical ripening sprays. In fact, frozen organic fruits and veggies are very economical and often healthier.

Now, let's talk more about that IMO prebiotic sweetener. IMO stands for isomaltoogliosacchardides. It's a a prebiotic, zero-calorie, high fiber sweetener that's great for your gut. I like it in certain recipes because it's not a granular sweetener. In fact it acts a lot like corn syrup, only it's 60% less sweet than sugar. The brand I like is Vita Fiber, because it's derived from tapioca. Here's a link to their site. If you find IMO syrup in stores, just make sure it's derived from tapioca and not corn.

Once you have Vita Fiber syrup, you'll be able to make all my delicious recipes that include this ingredient - like hot fudge, kung pao cauliflower, Asian Brussels sprouts, butterscotch sauce, caramel macchiato and so much more. Okay, let's make these delicious frozen treats your kids (and you) will love.


The Recipe

Berry Frozen Yogurt Pops

2 C Compliant Plain Yogurt

1 C Frozen Assorted Berries

2 T IMO Syrup or Yacon Syrup


Step 1: Blend Ingredients

In a good blender, blend all the ingredients until very smooth.

Step 2: Pour Into Molds

Pour the blended mixture into ice pop mold compartments. Place sticks into the center of each pop.

Step 3: Freeze

Freeze for at least two hours, or until solid. To remove simple run a little warm water over the individual mold and the pops will slide right out.

These LFG berry frozen yogurt pops are so refreshing in the dog days of summer. ENJOY!

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slshondy darling! The syrup is what gives it a smooth texture and a touch more sweet. If you’re going to use anything granular realize that it will revert back to crystal form when it cools.


So simple and look great! I don't yet have IMO or Yacon Syrup, but I do have Monk Fruit (currently only the granular form tho). Would this work as a sweetener? If so, would the amount used be the same as the IMO/yacon syrup? Thanks!

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