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Strawberry Bellini

A strawberry spin on the classic peach Prosecco cocktail, our 2-ingredient version is simple to make. Get the recipe and make this impressive drink for lovers.

Woo your Valentine with a strawberry Bellini (or two). The original Bellini, which we'll discuss in detail later, had peaches. But to keep it Plant Paradox compliant and low sugar, we'll go with the heart-shaped, less-sweet strawberry. The 2-ingredient bubbly libation tickles the senses with strawberry on the nose and Prosecco on the tongue. This is the perfect romantic drink to set the mood for cozy night in. See how it's made.

The Bellini cocktail originated in Venice, Italy and was created by the OG Harry's Bar mixologist, Giuseppe Cipriani. His classic cocktail involved muddled

peaches and Prosecco. Super simple!

Prosecco is needed to make an authentic Bellini. This variety of bubbly is made in the "Champagne methode" but in Italy. The DOC and DOCG classifications legally protect wines from Italy and are used to verify their authenticity. Prosecco can only be produced in 9 provinces in the Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions and is named after Prosecco village.

As many know, Champagne is an alcoholic drink that is permitted in moderation on the Plant Paradox plan. The reason is that it is low sugar and full of polyphenols because it's twice fermented -- once in the barrel and again in the bottle -- to create those tiny bubbles. Only sparkling wines from Champagne, France can be labeled Champagne. However, other sparkling wines can be consumed on the Plant Paradox plan as long as they are made in the Champagne methode. Real Prosecco from Italy, and Cava from Spain are just two examples.

To assure you are getting low sugar, look for the word "brut" on the bottle. Forget what you know about dry wines being less sweet. It's the reverse for Champagne and Prosecco. Extra dry means extra sweet. And Brut is the word used for these types of wines when you're looking for a less sweet taste.

Okay, without further ado, let's make this LFG Strawberry Bellini.


The Recipe

LFG Strawberry Bellini

1 Bottle Prosecco

10 Organic Ripe Strawberries

2 Extra Strawberries Cut Into Hearts for Garnish

Step 1: Muddle the Strawberries

In a tall bar glass, muddle the strawberries. A bar muddling tool is preferred as it will keep the 1:1 ratio of juice to juicy strawberry bits for this delicious cocktail.

Step 2: Spoon Muddled Strawberries into Glass

With a bar spoon, fill the bottom of Champagne flutes with muddled strawberries about on inch high.

Step 3: Pour Prosecco

Slowly pour the Prosecco into the flutes over the muddled strawberries. Garnish rim with strawberries but into heart shapes.


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