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Kung Pao Cauliflower

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Kung Pao Cauliflower is trending in gourmet restaurants coast to coast. I'll show you how to have this spicy, sweet twist on a classic without the lectins.

Lectin Free Gourmet Kung Pao Cauliflower

Kung Pao Cauliflower! It's the hottest dish trending in restaurants across the America. But peanuts, soy sauce, crushed red pepper, and cornstarch can all wreak havoc on our guts. Fortunately, this lectin free gourmet recipe makes it easy for Plant Paradoxers to enjoy this hot dish!

It's fun to see crucifers gaining real estate on gourmet menus. But I'm not surprised. Cauliflower tastes amazing and it's so versatile. It's about time it got its due respect.

Kung pao is a sweet, tangy and spicy stir-fried Sichuan Chinese dish typically made with chicken or beef.

My LFG Kung Pao Cauliflower is so quick and easy to make. To make it lectin free we have to make a few swaps. One of which is corn syrup for IMO syrup. IMO stands for isomaltoogliosaccharide syrup, a prebiotic fiber sweetener with no sugar. If you get the right kind, it can be wonderful! GREAT FOR YOUR GUT!

I use it to give dishes a sweet, stickiness instead of corn syrup. I like Fiber Yum brand because it's made from the cassava plant, not corn, and comes in a big jug that's easy to dispense a little at a time. This brand is sometimes hard to find. You could also use yacon syrup, which is also a prebiotic sweetener with fructooligosaccharides (DP 3+) but slightly different set of short-chain carbohydrates (fructo instead of isomalto). Yacon syrup is more easily found, I just prefer the taste of IMO syrup. Plus, yacon has some sugar and the IMO syrup I like has zero. Here are links to both products on Amazon.

Worried about flavor with all the ingredient swaps? Don't be! This LFG Kung Pao flavor is spot on. And, POW, it has just enough heat to hit you right in the kisser.

Let's get to making this amazing LFG dish.


The Recipe

LFG Kung Pao Cauliflower

2 T Black Sesame Oil

2T Rice Bran Oil

1 10 oz. Bag Frozen Organic Cauliflower Florets

1/4 Cup Sweet Potato Starch (thick)

2 Cloves Garlic (minced)


2 T Mirin Rice Wine (no added sugar)

2 T Rice Vinegar

2 T Coconut Aminos

1 T IMO Syrup or Yacon Syrup

1 T Sriracha

1 t Raw Organic Honey


2 Green Onions (diagonally sliced into 1/2-inch segments)

1/4 C Raw Slivered Almonds

Step 1: Heat Oils

In a wok or large skillet, heat oils on medium high burner.

Step 2: Dredge Cauliflower

Open the bag of frozen cauliflower. Dump starch into the bag. Holding the top of the bag closed with both hands, give the bag a few shakes to coat the frozen florets in starch.

Step 3: Fry Cauliflower

Set dredged frozen cauliflower in hot oil. After two minutes, flip each floret and fry another two minutes until brown and crispy. Add minced garlic to pan and turn heat down to low.

Step 4: Make Kung Pao Sauce

In a small saucepan, add wine, vinegar, coconut aminos, IMO syrup, sriracha, honey. Bring to boil, then simmer for two minutes until sauce thickens. Dump the glaze onto the cauliflower and lightly toss to coat.

Step 5: Plate and Garnish

Plate the cauliflower and return empty pan to burner increased to medium heat. Sprinkle cauliflower with sliced green onions. Add blanched almonds to the hot pan and toast for about 30 seconds. The almonds soak up some of the brown bits from the pan as they toast. Top the dish with the toasted almonds. You can also sprinkle with sesame seeds if you like.

ENJOY with aged Japanese whiskey.

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