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Irish Mules

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Celebrate your inner Irish with these gingery, minty libations made with gut-healthy barrel-aged whiskey and stevia ginger soda. Get the recipe!

When you're craving a gingery Moscow mule, try this Lectin Free Gourmet Irish mule instead. Barrel-aged Irish whiskey is packed with polyphenols. And, we use a store-bought ginger beer mixer sweetened with stevia, not sugar, by the soda brand, Zevia. The final Irish "pow right in the kisser" is a hint of mint. I'll show you how to make this easy, refreshing cocktails. Read on for the recipe.

But first, let's talk about the proper bar glass for a mule beverage. A true mule cocktail is served in a chilled copper cup. The cold metal keeps cold drinks cold. But, for the Emerald Isle version, I found cups that resemble pots of gold at Target. Any leprechaun would be just as thrilled to find these drinks at the end of the rainbow. don't you think?

Let's get to the recipe, shall we?


The Recipe

(serves 2)

LFG Irish Mules

2 oz Irish Whiskey

16 oz (2 cans) Zevia Ginger Beer (I found it at Sprouts)

2 Drops Mint Extract

1 Cup Crushed Ice

Step 1: Put all ingredient into a metal cocktail tumbler.

Step 2: Stir with a cocktail swizzle until the drink is thoroughly mixed and chilled.

Step 3: Pour into two chilled "pot of gold" mule cups. Garnish rims with lime slices and fresh mint springs.


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