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Green Banana No-Oatmeal

Green banana no-oatmeal tastes and chews just like your favorite hot breakfast cereal only it's made from green bananas. Get my recipe for Green Banana Oats®.

Lectin Free Gourmet Green Banana No-Oatmeal

Green Banana Oats® taste and chew just like the grainy hot cereal you loved as a lectin eater. But surprise, these are made with a unique process that makes green bananas act like oats.

You'll need a mandolin slicer to get the green bananas sliced really thin. Other than that, this recipe is very easy to make.

To get the green bananas to act like oats, you'll want to freeze them first. I recommend doing a whole "bunch" and freezing in one-cup portions so you can have "instant" no-oatmeal any time.

Let's talk a little about green bananas. They're loaded with resistant starch to feed your gut bugs. But, I would say most people aren't getting green bananas that are green enough.

If you pick them off the produce table in the grocery store, chances are they're too ripe. And that translates to sugar. I buy mine "ungassed" which means they haven't been exposed to the ethylene gas that starts the ripening process. You see, bananas are picked unripe and very green. They're held in high-tech refrigeration systems until the grocer is ready for them. At which time, the produce seller gasses them. They can actually "dial a color" with the amount of gas they release and the temperature.

Gassed bananas ripen quickly and by the time they reach your produce aisle, they may still look green but are really too sugary by Plant Paradox standards.

To solve this problem, ask your grocer if they can go in the back and get you a bunch of the latest shipped, greenest bananas. They'll understand! And you'll have green bananas that are very hard to peel. In fact you'll have to cut the peels off. To do this cut both ends off, and make two lengthwise scores through the peel down each side. Process them as soon as you get home so they don't ripen on you.

Okay let's get started, and make no-oatmeal with Green Banana Oats®.


The Recipe

LFG Green Banana No-Oatmeal

1 Cup Green Banana Oats® (frozen)

2 Cup Unsweetened Vanilla Blanched Almond Milk

1 t Cinnamon

1 Tbsp. French Butter

1 Tbsp. Brown Swerve

8-10 Frozen Organic Raspberries

8-10 Walnuts

Step 1: Make the Green Banana Oats®

Peel the green bananas, slice them crosswise on a mandolin slicer dialed to the thinnest setting. Freeze in one-cup portions for later use.

Step 2: Cook the No-Oatmeal

Take out a one-cup portion of frozen Green Banana Oats®. Oil the bottom of a deep saucepan. Add Green Banana Oats®, almond milk, and cinnamon. Stirring constantly, bring to a boil. Reduce heat, continue to stir and simmer 5 minutes until it has an oatmeal consistency and the almond milk has reduced almost completely. Green bananas are very starchy and dry. Depending on how green your bananas are, you may need to add more almond milk to keep it moist during cooking.

Step 3: Add Final Ingredients

Spoon the cooked green banana no-oatmeal into a big cereal bowl. Make a well in the middle with the back of a spoon. Place a pat of French butter in the well to melt. Place a lump of brown Swerve next to the melting butter. Sprinkle frozen raspberries and walnuts on top.


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2 cups of almond milk makes banana soup not an oatmeal consistancy. Next time I'll try 1/2 cup.

Replying to

Will try again soon. Taste was delicious. I added more frozen bananas and it thickened up nicely. The search is on for the greenest of green bananas. My additions were shaved brazil nuts, raisins, slippery elm powder(aids leaky gut), organic golden flaxseed meal and organic cocoa nibs. Thanks for the recipe!!


Christine Parma
Christine Parma
Mar 16, 2021

I'm excited to try this, but I don't have access to Green Banana Oats. Is there a way to make a substitute at home? Thanks!

Replying to

Hi Christine, in the blog I explain how to make the Green Banana Oats out of green bananas from your grocer. No substitutions. You have to make them to make this recipe. Use VERY green bananas that are extra starch and hard to peel.

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