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Warm spinach artichoke dip is always a crowd pleaser. It's that dip that everyone devours at party. And, this dip kit takes all the work out of making it and makes you the hero of your next event. You get the organic spinach, artichokes and perfect gut-loving seasonings to add to your own water, organic cream cheese, sour cream and mayo. Add some grated cheese and bake!


The dip is great with Lectin Free Gourmet Sourdough Focaccia. And you can't go wrong with freshly cut carrots and celery. I also love my LFG sourdough baguette garlic toasts for dunking. Did you see the smiley face on the one in the photo? He can't wait to dive in. 


You thought our ranch dip was good. Just wait until you try this spinach artichoke dip. Make this dip with ease and confidence. Order a package of Lectin Free Gourmet Spinach Arthichoke Dip today. 


  • Spinach Artichoke Dip: Coconut Milk, Spinach, Artichokes, Onions, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, Salt, Parsley, Dijon, Lactic Acid

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