LFG PENNE ALFREDO 6-PACK! Shipment within U.S. only. Think of it as adult mac & cheese. By popular demand, LFG Penne Alfredo is now available in bundles of six 5.5 oz packages. Never run out again! LFG Penne Alfredo, made with clean lectin free ingredients, satisfies your pasta craving.


This penne pasta is made with organic 100% millet flour. The sauce is in the kit, so all you have to do is add a few pantry staples for a delicious creamy, cheesy pasta side dish that serves four. Add fresh organic greens and a clean protein and make it a pasta night! Each kit makes four servings!


And, let's talk about millet pasta. I've tried all the lectin free pastas out there, and this one is my favorite. It cooks up al dente in just eight minutes.


In 2019, I was at my local Asian grocery store when I saw a box of millet pasta by Big Green Organic Foods. I bought a box and made it at home. The pasta cooked up firm, tasted amazing and was the closest thing to traditional Italian pasta I'd eaten in my past lectin-full life. I might go so far as to say, it's better! I researched Big Green Organic Foods and the certifications on the package to make sure this pasta wasn't too good to be true. 


Big Green Pasta is also known as "New Concept Pasta" and is made with organic 100% millet flour. Now, India, Nigeria, and China are the largest producers of millet in the world. But Big Green's mission is not driven by quantity, but quality. It looks outside China for its organic certifications. The company partners with indigenous farmers who are demanding better and growing pesticide-free crops, using clean water, and forbidding gluten cross-pollination. These like-minded farmers have created a movement resulting in a large green farming zone, the third largest in the world (behind Australia and Brazil), where local farmers can confidently grow "true organic" crops that meet stringent USDA and Brazilian organic certification standards. And, unlike some  reports of "fake organic" foods coming out of their country, all of Big Green's organic certifications actually check out. Google it for yourself!


Needless to say, LFG Penne Alfredo is packaged with love and delivered to your door. We all know the lectin free lifestyle is easier when you have quality packaged foods made from gut-friendly ingredients from Dr. Gundry's YES list. See the ingredients and order LFG Penne Alfredo 6-Pack with confidence.

LFG Penne Alfredo 6-pack

  • LFG Penne Alfredo: Big Green Organic Millet Penne (organic millet flour), Organic Grassfed Sweet Cream Solids, Organic Grassfed Cultured Butter Powder, Garlic Powder, Sweet Potato Starch, Salt, White Pepper