food that's CANDY for your eyes, and


in your mouth! 

Meet Kristine


I'm a former caterer, turned writer. My autoimmune condition led me to diets like Plant Paradox and Dr. Axe's gut-healing plan. But, like you, I got tired of my meal options pretty fast. That's when I started experimenting in the kitchen and discovered just about any of my favorite indulgences could be converted to lectin-free, culinary masterpieces — even GRANOLA and CAKE and SOURDOUGH BREAD! Now, I create original, lectin-free recipes that feel naughty, but are oh so nice to your gut. Still eat all the gut-healing foods but just make them Lectin Free Gourmet.

Recipes & Tips 


Enjoy my recipes for salmon cakes, barbeque buffalo mozzarella burgers, garlic shrimp Asian noodle salad, angel food and more. If you can't find what you're looking for, send me a recipe and I'll convert if for you! Eating lectin-free isn't a life sentence for boring food. Let's make lectin-free eating exciting together!

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