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LFG SOURDOUGH PIZZA CRUST MIX makes it easy to enjoy a pizzeria-style pizza at home, without the lectins. Makes 2 giant 16-inch pizzas! 


I came up with this recipe in 2018 and publilshed it in my ebook Sourdough Rising! Now, it's availalbe in an easy mix made with millet and tapioca flours plus grassfed whey. With no eggs, no nuts, no sugar, and you just need water and olive oil for the dough. And you'll want to dust your countrertop with a little tapioca flour when you shape the crusts.


With this versatile crust mix, you can make Chicago- or Detroit-style, New York-, or Neapolitan-style crusts that are crispy on the outside with an airy chew on the inside. Press it into a skillet for deep dish pizza, or roll it out and thin as you'd like for the ultimate foldable New York slice. 


Just activate the stretch cultures (included), add to the mix with your own water and olive oil and let the dough rise. Don't be afraid to roll it out cracker thin to a big 16 inches! This sturdy crust can handle the weight of a garbage pizza without falling apart. Or you can divide the crust and make personal pizzas. O sole mio! Get this NEW sourdough pizza crust now.


  • Sourdough Pizza Crust: Millet Flour, Tapioca Flour, Grassfed Whey, Sweet Potato Starch, Psyllium Husk, Salt, Flax Meal, Xanthan Gum, Yeast, Lactic Acid, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder

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