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SKINNY MOCHA LATTE  is an instant "just add hot water" mix that results in fancy, frothy coffee shop lattes without the big price tag or toxic ingredients like sugar, harmful dairy and non-dairy milks, fake whipped (oil) cream, artificial flavors, and empty calories. And just try to order a skinny MOCHA latte with organic 100% arabica coffee, 72% cacao organic chocolate, raw organic cacao, MCT oil, grassfed organic collagen, adaptogens from lion's mane extract, unsweetened organic coconut milk, and pure stevia extract (no fillers). I DARE YOU! (because it only exists here!) 


With LFG mix, it's the perfect cup in the coffee shop of your dreams. 


Pinch yourself, because you are NOT dreaming. You can have this special coffee order every day. We start with the best organic arabica coffee beans dark roasted for optimum flavor and less acid. The we add organic unsweetened coconut milk. Now here's the skinny part: we use metabolism-boosting medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, and skin-and-joint-loving grassfed collagen (it's all about the amino acid profile). And for calming adaptagens and immune-boosting B vitamins, riboflavin, and niacin we add a healthy bit of lion's mane mushroom extract. Then we sweeten it just right with pure stevia extract. All you do is add hot water and whisk it to a magic froth.   Make (10) 8-oz SKINNY MOCHA LATTES with this easy mix for just $1.50 each. Now that's a real bargain! 


Add Lectin Free Gourmet skinny mocha latte mix to your order now.




  • Everything is organic!

    SKINNY VANILLA LATTE INGREDIENTS: unsweetened coconut milk, 100% arabica coffee, grassfed collagen, MCT oil, vanilla extract, pumpkin spices, lion's mane mushroom extract, stevia extract, natural flavor

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