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Matcha latte is the latest addition in our skinny latte lineup. Made with gut-loving ingredients like organic ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder, organic coconut milk, mct oil, grassfed collagen, lion's mane mushroom extract, vanilla, and a touch of non-bitter stevia, this deliciously frothy sipping matcha delights in more ways than one. 


First of all, it's the best-tasting matcha latte on the market. And, polyphenols and adaptagens abound in every comforting cup. Matcha green tea has a powerhouse of antioxidants, otherwise known as polyphenols. EGCG, or epigallocatechin gallate, is a unique plant compound that is known to reduce inflammation, help manage weight, support heart health, and prevent brain disease. Adaptagens in lion's mane mushrooms calm the brain and is a proven stress reliever. 


Adding Lectin Free Gourmet matcha latte with EGCG and adaptagens is a great way to get the benefits of super polyphenols and that calming effect. Plus, you get skin-loving benefits from grassfed collagen and fat-burning properties of MCT oil. This instant "just add water" latte produces a magic froth as if a barista made it, but without the $5 price tag. Make 10 gourmet lattes for just $1.50 each! 


Treat yourself to a bag of Lectin Free Gourmet Matcha Latte. It's great hot or iced. Order now. 


  • Matcha Latte: Organic Coconut Milk. Organic MCT Oil. Organic Grassfed Collagen, Organic Matcha Green Tea, Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract, Vanilla, Non-Bitter Stevia. 

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