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LFG Coconut Chai is here to stay. It's lectin free, sugar free and full of bold flavor. This aromatic spiced coconut milk tea mix has been featured in several seasonal Foodie Boxes. Each time, people ask if they can buy more. By popular demand, we've made it a permanent item in our a la carte offerings. 


Sip this delicious chai latte hot or cold. Seek comfort in a hot cup on a cold day. Or cool off in the shade with a glass of chai on ice.  Either way, it's delicious. 


Did you know that in some cultures, chai serves as a meal replacement? In India, chai is a way of life as it's drunk several times daily. Lectin Free Gourmet chai is made with fragrant organic jasmine tea, coconut milk, MCT oil, lion's mane mushroom, classic Indian chai spices including cardamom, all spice, cinnamon, and white pepper.


Your body will use the MCT (medium-chain triclycerides) oil in the mix ior energy. The short chain fat is more readily absorbed and converted to energy than long-chain fats. You may notice a boost of energy immediately and experinece endurance all day. Here are six good reasons to include MCT oil in your life:


  1. Instant Energy
  2. Brain Health
  3. Hormone Balance
  4. Heart Protection
  5. Digestion
  6. Weight Loss


And what better way to incorporate more MCT oil than in a spiced chai latte? Order some now. 


  • Coconut Chai Latte Mix: Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Jasmine Tea, Grassfed Collagen, MCT Oil, Cloves, Ginger, Cardamom, White Pepper, Pure Stevia Extract

    (Just add water)

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