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BERRIES & CREAM NO-OATMEAL is exactly what the lectin free community has been waiting for. We make this instant hot cereal with organic rolled sorghum, NOT OATS, to give you a deliciously creamy gut-friendly intant hot cereal experience that loves you back. The berries and cream recipe is reminiscent of our old instant oatmeal friend but without any of the bad stuff like gluten, sugar, bad oils and chemicals. With Lectin Free Gourmet hot cereal, you get 1/4 of your calories from fat and 1/3 of your calories from fiber. In this scenario, there's no need to count carbs.


To our rolled sorghum we add Gundry-approved organic dairy-free coconut cream, MCT oil for all-day energy, grassfed collagen with essential amino acids for your skin, hair and joint support, inulin (from chicory) prebiotics to build good gut buddies, and delicious berries with super antioxidants known as polyphenols. This just-add-water instant hot cereal is the perfect way to start a day or break fast. These are great for kids on school mornings, or to take on trips.


You get four (4) 50 g packets in each box, enough for four bowls of instant no-oatmeal. That's just $2.25 per servingl! Add a pat of French butter and some of your own fresh berries for an even tastier bowl.


As we all know, the problem with oats is that they have gluten and glyphosate (Round Up). Rolled sorghum is a great alternative to rolled oats, and it's so much easier on the tummy. We use an organic rolled sorghum that is made in a dedicated gluten free facility. So you won't get cross contamination. And we mix and package all of our Lectin Free Gourmet products with love in our dedicated lectin free commercial kitchen in Millcreek, Utah.


Eating lectin free can be a chore with all the food prep and cooking. Our whole goal here is to help make your lectin free life a little easier and more delicious. We just love creating foods that help you maintain your lectin free lifestyle.


Add LFG Berries & Cream No-Oatmeal to your order today. We hope you ENJOY every tasty bite.

Berries & Cream No-Oatmeal

  • Berries & Cream No-Oatmeal Ingredients: Organic Rolled Sorghum, Organic Coconut Cream, Chicory Inulin, Grassfed Collagen, MCT Oil, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Salt, Vanilla, Stevia  

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