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Red Berry Salad Dressing

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

My red berry salad dressing tastes so good on green leafy salads featuring fresh and berries. Enjoy it all year long; it's not just a summer dressing. Get the recipe!

LFG Red Berry Salad Dressing

You know those sweet berry dressings we all love? Guess what makes most of them sweet? SUGAR! My LFG red berry salad dressing doesn't have sugar. Yet it's so berry delicious! Score

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My secret ingredient is Gundry MD Vital Reds. This super concentrated polyphenol drink mix also doubles as a terrific ingredient for salad dressings, frostings, yogurt mix-in and many other things.

This is the easiest recipe you'll ever make. Just three ingredients and BAM, salad dressing!

If you're a Plant Paradox follower, you probably already have all three ingredients lying around. If you are missing the key ingredient, Vital Reds, here's a link to buy it at a discount. I'm a proud Gundry MD Ambassador and I get a big discount on all products. And I can share it with you. Save a whopping $20 on a single jar of Vital Reds or save as much as $153 if you buy 6. I always buy the quantities to save the most money. Here's the link to get your Vital Reds.

Okay, shall we get to this delicious recipe? Let's go!


The Recipe

LFG Red Berry Salad Dressing

1 Tbsp. Avocado Oil

1 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar

1/2 Scoop Gundry MD Vital Reds


Step 1: Whisk Ingredients

In a small bowl or pourable measuring cup, whisk together all the ingredients until emulsified and very smooth. THAT's IT! If you'd like to make a large batch of this to have on hand, simply multiply the recipe and store in the fridge.

Drizzle LFG red berry dressing on leafy green salads with fresh berries, sweet and salty candied walnuts, sweet red onions, celery, pomegranate seeds, and whatever else you like in your berry salads. This dressing is a keeper! ENJOY

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